Commute to Club

Commute to Club is our programme of rides designed to provide a route into club riding for women who are regular commuters by bike or who currently do weekend rides of about 30-40km (18-25 miles).

We began this initiative in 21/22, running our first edition in the autumn. It was a huge success so we repeated it with a spring and a summer cohort. Five fantastic groups have now enjoyed some great routes and getting more confident and comfortable with longer distances in the saddle.

The Spring 2024 edition starts on 7 April. To register your interest or find out more, email

The course is designed to help women meet a like-minded group of women cyclists, build confidence riding and to do longer rides.

It can feel like a big jump from riding a bike to joining a cycling club, and we have therefore designed this programme to hopefully encourage more women to bridge that gap. There’ll be rides every weekend led by an experienced female Dulwich Paragon member, gradually increasing pace & distance as the group grows stronger and more confident.

Sample Programme:

Meet and greet – opportunity to ask questions about the club / bikes (e.g. “what shoes should I wear?”), and meet others on the same journey.
Ride 1: 30km (~20miles) – route focuses on riding together and understanding speeds of people within the group
Ride 2: 40km – flattish
Ride 3: 40km – hills
Ride 4: 50km (~30miles) – flattish
Ride 5: 50km – hills
Ride 6: 50km – hills
Ride 7: 60km – flattish
Ride 8: 60km (~40miles) – hills
Ride 9: 60km – hills
Ride 10: 70km – flattish
Ride 11: 70km – hills
Ride 12: 80km (~50miles)
Wrap-up and intro to other disciplines

Riders can join the club officially at any time during the programme if they decide this is the club for them.