Diversity and Inclusion

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This statement, and associated set of actions, has been formulated by a group of members who responded to the club’s request for help in reviewing its position on diversity and inclusion. The group worked together on a voluntary basis and also took some professional advice. The Committee would like to thank them for their hard work and valuable contribution.

Patrick Hawkins, DPCC Chair

Dulwich Paragon Diversity and Inclusion Statement

 As passionate cyclists, we firmly believe that cycling has the power to change lives and help make our world a better place.  Since 1935, Dulwich Paragon Cycling Club has championed those who aspire to be keen and sporting cyclists regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation or gender. We strive to be a friendly, open and welcoming club whose members foster a culture of equality, inclusion and respect.  

Recent events have highlighted that there is much more we must do to promote our sport and our club as accessible to all.  George Floyd’s murder and the Black Lives Matter protests brought the issue of racial injustice, and all other forms of inequity, into sharp focus.  The social uprising of the summer of 2020 highlighted our collective responsibility to progress equity for all.  As a result, Dulwich Paragon Cycling Club has resolved to take positive action to challenge the traditional image of our sport and promote a more diverse, inclusive and equitable culture at our club.

With that in mind, we have made several key commitments in our goal to be representative of our local community. We will:

  1. Appoint a Diversity and Inclusivity secretary to the club committee to have relevant input into all decisions taken by the club
  2. Communicate our diversity initiative with club members and provide regular updates on progress
  3. Monitor our progress by gathering D&I information from new and existing members
  4. Hold a D&I educational event open to all members
  5. Fully review how we present ourselves and communicate through our website, social media, email and other channels