Training rides for cyclists who like to have fun.

The DPNC* is a Google Groups message board for members of the Dulwich Paragon who are training for sportives and other endurance cycling events. It’s easy to join and can be found here.

There are regular DPNC training rides for club members:

The Friday morning ride – Meets at the Cafe St Germain (CSG) at 8:45am every Friday. The ride departs at 9:00am and aims to return for lunchtime(ish).

Early morning Saturday ride – meets at CSG at 8:15am every Saturday. The ride departs at 8:30am and aims to return by 1pm.

The distance of the rides varies according to the weather and what people feel like doing, but 75 to 100 kilometers, and sometimes more, is typical. DPNC rides aren’t military drills, but they do follow some basic principles.

  • Have fun. Whatever the weather, we try to enjoy ourselves.
  • The rides aim for an average speed of 25kph.
  • We aim to ride at a steady pace throughout the ride. No racing or shooting off the front.
  • No one gets dropped. We ride as a group and always wait at the top of climbs. Everyone is expected to stop if someone punctures or has a mechanical problem.

Sunday Ride – meets at 8:15am at either CSG or Cadence – check on the DPNC board.

Other training rides – In addition to the regular Friday and Saturday rides, Paragon members arrange other impromptu training rides on the DPNC message board which take place throughout the rest of the week.

*DPNC stands for Dulwich Paragon Non-Columbians.   Ask one of the regulars why…