La Musette #3




“Bicycles are almost as good as guitars for meeting girls”
~Bob Weir, Grateful Dead

Welcome to our 3rd edition.

As we near the end of February the pro season starts getting serious and we start to see a shift from those long winter group rides to more specific training in ones and twos with intervals becoming the norm amoungst full gas hill efforts.

In this edition we’re concentrating on sharing news and updates rather than any long reads but we’ll return in March with a bit more editorial content. As always, contact James Stannard or Ben Knapp if you have any feedback or want to include something in the future.


The Winter series across the four circuits will come to and end by March but the early spring races will now come thick and fast. There will be a 3 week Saturday afternoon series at Hog Hill and numerous other events as we ramp up through March with the first Surrey League and SERRL road races. The San Fairy Ann Crit series also kicks off at Cyclopark on the 28th of February.

Looking ahead to summer the opportunities to race during the week will be numerous with Full Gas taking over from SERRL at Cyclopark and Mike Beasant rsuming racing on Wednesday nights at Velopark. East London Velo have already listed their Summer Series at Hog Hill on British Cycling and then there is Palace, the best of them all.

Remember the clubs Annual Dinner and Prize giving, which is more relaxed and informal than it suggests, it will take place on Thursday the 5th of March at the Flying Pig in East Dulwich. You can read more on the forum and secure your tickets through RiderHQ. The clubs annual awards and trophies are the highlight of the evening as is the raffle that will see proceeds directed to the clubs preferred charity.

Here’s the link to upcoming events in the South East and Eastern Regions (Hog Hill & Velopark).


Follow this link to recent results in the South East and Eastern Regions.

Our highlights have included:

  • Ben Allen taking 2nd in the the ELV Winter Series with some inspired riding and great support from fellow club mates. Ben rode well all series and deservedly held on to second place in the series overall.
  • Dulwich have dominated the clubs VeloPark Winter series taking the mens wins in both the 2/3s and 4ths across the first 3 weeks of racing with wins for Nathan Parnell, Dominic Munson, James Freeman and Mark McCullagh strongly supported by some excellent racing from club mates.
  • The ladies have also done us proud at VeloPark both in terms of numbers and results with numerous top 10 finishes and a 3rd place to Emma Fudge in week 3. It is great to see the results of the womens training sessions and race coaching on the circuit each week and it will be very exciting as this group develops into the summer races that are just around the corner.
  • Week 4 saw an unfortunate end to James Freeman campaign with a puncture on the line and no carbon rim to be borrowed. A real shame for him but he did end up with the most aggressive prize for the series. There was better luck in the 4ths with George Hayes taking the win and making it a clean sweep in the 4ths for Dulwich. Check out the Winter Series page on the club site for more information and race reports.


jo-clifford-Cyclocross-bethlem-ditch-of-doom-2015 jo-clifford-Hillingdon1

This time round we introduce with Joseph Clifford one of our youths making the step up to senior racing in 2015. A face you will get to know and a name you will see getting a few points this year…

Current category?
I’m going into my first year of ‘senior’ racing (despite racing against ‘seniors’ for the last 1-2 years) from the juniors as a 4th cat.

How did you first get into racing?
I guess I always had an interest in racing, I just didn’t know where to get started and was just a bit useless in general. That changed with the help of Charlie Codrington and Dave Rees, who helped me get started at Crystal Palace and then have continued to help me improve. Big thanks to the two of them.

I wish that I knew what I know now…
Tactics, they’re very important. Oh and don’t be a hero and ride on the front for hours.

Favourite local circuit and why?
Going to have to go with Crystal Palace, even though I’m usually abysmal around there. It’s just a mentally crazy circuit, never a moment of boredom.Plus I did my first ever race there and loved it despite getting battered, it got me hooked.

Best place you have ridden a bike?
Well considering I’ve never ridden anywhere outside of England this could be a bit of boring one, I’ll go for on White Lane this year for the Bec CC hill climb with people lining the side of the road cheering me on, that was a new but brilliant experience.

What are your goals for 2015?
Get my 3rd cat license, win a race as a bonus.

What are you known for in Dulwich Paragon?
You tell me! Either that junior who turns up to all of the HHV track sessions or someone who seemed to get caught out in most crashes in races last year.

My autobiography would be called…
Life on the Clifford’s edge/ Road rash IS the way forward

Favourite Dulwich team mate & why?
Any one of Arnav Kapur, Oliver Scott or Will Brassington, had a great time racing/riding/killing each other/training with them over the last few years. Just a shame that most of the named above have abandoned me and gone to uni (how dare they!), so I’m on the hunt for a new ‘favourite’, who knows, that lucky person could be you!

Rider type…
Someone who likes to breakaway/attack too much for his own good.

Pro you’re most like? 
Adam Hansen

Sum up riding a bike in three words…
Riding – Whole lotta fun
Racing – Rollercoaster of emotions


We had some good feedback from the basic training plan we shared last month. As we said in that issue there are many varied approaches and opinions when it comes to training. What is agreed is that introducing structure to your training week will yield results. As we approach the racing season SST and 6x5s become the norm alongside group rides with hills taken at full gas and shouts (or gasps) of “see you at the top!” become common place on weekend rides.

Don’t forget to train your mind ahead of the season, as well as learning about how to train and what works for you take some time to think about the race itself. Here’s some good stuff from the CyclingTips website:


We just wanted to provide a bit of feedback on the experimental regular racer rides which we had introduced after a lull in the Sunday rides. We had a good turnout despite the cold weather and after a bit of getting used we were soon looking picture perfect with tidy rotations throughout the ride. It’s an incredibly efficient way of riding and it ensures you get to talk to the whole group over the course of the day.  The route, designed by Rich Whitehorn (thank you!), was also a big success. Rolling and safe and a perfect 3.5 hours fast training if you want to give it a go.  In terms of continuity it is quite a tricky time of year as people get into specific training and racing but we are keen to carry on with this in some shape or form. Keep an eye on both the forum and the DPRT Strava page for open invitations to rides in March.

Don’t forget that there is often an early group on Sunday who meet for a 7:15 departure from Elmers End getting back for around 10:30. The pace is normally steady but there is always a few up for some efforts up hills so long as you are prepared to politely wait for the others at the top (or roll down and pick them up).