Committee Meeting 26 Jan 2016

Dulwich Paragon Cycling Club

Committee Meeting

Tuesday 26th January 2016



Apologies were received from: Libby Gordon, Gary MacGowan and Rahal Goonewardene


Item 1: London Youth Games (Bob)

The Games will be held at the Lee Valley Velopark on 18 June.  Last year the club provided around 8 volunteers, which was very helpful and gratefully received by the organisers.  They are keen to once again have that support.  In return, Dulwich Paragon would be given the circuit free of charge from 6.00-9.00pm that Saturday.


Ben was thinking of holding the club championships at the Velopark so it might be a useful opportunity.


The Games are from 9.00am until 6.00pm.  Last year everything was cleared by 5.30pm.


The club could hold a Saturday night event.


It was agreed to give a provisional yes to the organisers on the basis of DPCC using the circuit as part of the agreement.


Item 2: Club Archives (DJB)

DJB currently has 8-10 boxes full of archive material mainly from Fred Robinson.  DJB had the intention of keeping the club history up-to-date.  What should the club do with the archive?  It would be nice if we could get them online, but that would be a big undertaking.


Would it be a useful investment of some of the club’s funds to pay a commercial company to scan the archives.  It might be worth asking if there is an archivist in the club that could assist.  It might be possible that a local library would like to take custody of the archives, or could put us in touch with local organisations that would be interested in having it.


Should the club invest in a secure lock-up for documents and equipment?  Is Bob’s garage suitable for the archives?  In the interim, possibly yes, but it does get damp and is probably not suitable as a long-term solution.


Action point: DJB will contact Dulwich library to get their view.


Item 3: Wally Gimber (Patrick/Bob)

The race is being held on Sunday 20 March 2016 as a National B using the same course as last year.


The race had been pencilled in as a National A race in October 2015.  A debate with BCHQ and last year’s commissaires means that we are a National B race this year, principally due to a lack of road closures.  In principle there is a solution, but there is not time to implement it for this year as it requires an investment of time and money.


Dave Rees has produced a flyer for the race.  The race is live on the BC entry system and entries have started to come in.


We have no sponsor this year following Rapha’s withdrawal.  Rapha will contribute prizes, but can’t contribute financially.


Is it worth offering Rapha title of the race anyway to see if they want to come back next year?  Beth agreed to go and get Rapha’s views on this.


A draft budget based on past year’s expenditure which the committee agreed in principle.


We won’t have barriers at the finish area this year, but everything else remains pretty much as last year.  Within reason we could accommodate a Rapha Cycle Club team.  Would Rapha provide race numbers with their logo again?


Bob discussed what equipment was required – for general use not just for the race.  The ‘shopping list’ was agreed.


Item 4: Ride safety meeting wash-up

A sub-meeting followed the first-aid training of last year.  This led to a discussion about how we lead out rides and how we use, for example, first aiders within the club.


One question was whether we run an informal ride-leader ‘recce ride’.  It would take 12 or so riders to go through good stopping areas and tricky spots.


DJB has circulated the draft rider charter that will eventually be placed on the website.  New members would have to sign the charter in order to become members of the club.  It would provide the basis on which to discipline members in future.


The risk assessment ride is primarily designed for Saturday rides and new members rides ride guides should do more to explain what is expected on the ride.


Cultural differences do have an impact.  For example in Australasia, riders stop behind the last car at a red light.  Each guide should give a clear message about what they expect from the riders they are leading.


It should also be seen as part of us raising our game out on the road.  It helps if we can show what we do to promote good riding and good behaviour.


We will be a pilot club for commuting safety in London working with TfL.


Will continue to push first-aid training, although the main problem is finding a venue.


It would be good to help with volunteers if we know who are ride guides.  It is planned that the recce ride would be held quarterly.


It was discussed about having ‘Dulwich Ambassadors’ and some way of identifying them.


Action point: provide a list of first-aid qualified people to Kathryn.


Item 3: Secretaries


Womens (Beth)

We have received great feedback on womens race training.  It has upskilled existing racers and encouraged new ones.  It has also identified a good appetite for cyclocross amongst women.


London Womens’ Racing – it is a forum and league running a spring and summer league.  Dulwich women are involved in key roles.  It won’t run races, but will piggy back onto existing races and encourage women to take part.


Lots of time currently dedicated to getting more women racing.  Would like to give more time to getting more women on the Saturday rides.


Treasurer (Alex)

£18,976 in the club’s bank account.  £5,800 payment due for the anniversary kit.  £15,000 payment for kit is due at the end of February – but we get the money back quickly.  There is still prize money to be paid for the summer crits.  Last year we paid out £3,000 in prize money.


We made a £1,500 profit from the winter series.


Should we have sub-budgets within the main budget.


The bank mandate is still not resolved, but we are hopefully getting close.


SERRL (Ollie)

We have agreed to promote 2 events this year.  27 May – a co-promote with Paceline and 18 September.


New 4th Cat riders are required to completed race accreditation before being able to race.


Track (Steve)

Work has not yet started at HHV.  There are currently no slots at Lee Valley.  We will try and secure some when the new ones are released.  HHV have not yet put up their calendar of events for this year.


Wednesday track session – numbers have been huge.  May need to think about limiting numbers for next year.


A lot of women have come along who will never race, but it has been good to have them.


Will continue coaching with Paul next year.


Kit (Charles)

Charles had samples of kit from Champion Systems.


I thought we were ready to run a private trial of the online shop.  I saw the shop last night and saw a shop that was made for wholesale.  In my view it is currently a step back from Rider HQ.  I asked if it could be amended and I am waiting to hear back.  It is currently a B2B experience and not B2C.  It won’t work with mobile devices, including iPads.


The value of our kit contract is in the region of £100k per annum.


TT (Serge)

It’s quiet for time trials at the moment.  The calendars have only just been published.


We currently have two dates 1 May for our open event and 8 May.  Our end of season hill climb is planned to take place on Star Hill.


A discussion around the suitability of Star Hill took place.  It was mentioned that Star Hill is a busy and dangerous road.  Do we have to run it officially or can we just run it as a club event?


It was agreed that Bob and Serge would enquire with BS to see if they will cover us for a club on TT.


Surrey League (Rhys)

We are promoting 3 races (the same as last year)

2 May – 3rd stage of the Surrey League 3 day

Womens road race championships (Surrey League provide the prizes etc)

A race on the Bletchingley circuit (date TBC)


LVRC (Patrick)

1 race on Bletchingley on 4 September will include the prize giving for the whole series.


General (DJB)

Libby has planned the annual prize giving for 10 March and will put it on Rider HQ on her return.


The Crystal Palace crits meeting is planned for 2-3 weeks time.


President (Bob)

Crystal Palace Crits will start on the last Tuesday of April.    May only allow pre-entry from supporting clubs.  It is better to limit it if not a member of a supporting club but would waive it for the women.


Meeting proposed for w/c 15 February to plan the series.


Volunteering (Kathryn)

The new system of tracking volunteers is going well.  Happy to find volunteers, but need to know what is needed.  Can check who has done volunteering and chase those who haven’t.


Racing (Ben)

I was meant to ride with Jack Goldstein but didn’t due to illness, so it is outstanding.  The first winter series was last night.  Overall it was very successful.


Cyclo-cross/Youth (Charlie)

We have two very good youth cross racers (Titouan and Eddie) who have been riding in the nationals.  Our cross race ran on Sunday.  There was a huge amount of support.  Dulwich have the strongest womens team.


Have been approached by the organiser of Beastway series who is having trouble with financing.  Takes a lot to put the series on.  It deserves our support.  Looking for a financial contribution of £200.  If we support it we would be recognised.


Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be Tuesday 5 April.


Meeting closes at 9.00pm.