Race 4 and Winter Series Results

Race 4 & Series Results – 19th February

Again more than 110 riders racedacross the 3 categories last night heading clockwise for the second time in the series and for the second week running no crashes and safe racing despite the rain that seemed to never stop.

Thank you to everyone involved with our first every Winter Series. Please remember we can’t put these races on without the help of the volunteers and you would not be racing for prizes without our sponsors.

2/3 Men
Race Report: Co-series leader James Freeman punctured on the line and withdrew after being unable to find a Carbon Brake Block friendly wheel. In the race Dynamo and Dulwich had good numbers and the race never split with the right mix of riders never getting together to be allowed to ride off. Series leader Tom Hargreaves (London Dynamo) took the first prime over leader Domonic Munson (Dulwich Paragon) who was racing as a 3rd cat for the first time and, owing to his 4th cat series points, was joint leader with Tom until the prime. Despite more skirmishing the group stayed together dropping 1s and 2s under accelerations off the front. Ben Allen (Dulwich Paragon) went away with 3.5 laps to run and it looked like he may stay away until Tom brought him back with 1/3 of a lap to go almost single handedly and then promptly made the early jump to take a very much deserved win on the night and series win overall. The podium was rounded out by Dimitri Demishev (Hackney CC) in 2nd and Ben Knapp (Dulwich Paragon) for 3rd.


1 Tom Hargreaves London Dynamo
2 Dimitri Demishev Hackney CC
3 Ben Knapp Dulwich Paragon
4 Amritpal Virdi Norwood Paragon
5 Sam Redding I-Team.cc
6 Mark McCullagh Dulwich Paragon
7 Dominic Munson Dulwich Paragon
8 Vojtech Blazejovsky Brixton Cycles
9 Timothy Harkness Maison Du Velo – Storck Bikes UK
10 Mat Hammond Dulwich Paragon


1 Tom Hargreaves London Dynamo
2 Dominic Munson Dulwich Paragon
3 Jon Puleston-Jones Dulwich Paragon

4ths Men
Race Report: Again a bunch sprint for the 4th week in a row and a 4th win in a row for a lad from Dulwich Paragon. This time round George Hayes smashed the sprint to win comfortably following on from his 2nd place last week.

The podium was rounded out by Oliver Robinson (Thanet RC) and Rob Valdes (ISlington CC).

George snatched the series win with his efforts across the last 2 weeks of the series. HE must like racing clockwise!

*Updated 24th February

1 George Hayes Dulwich Paragon
2 Oliver Robinson Thanet RC
3 Rob Valdes Islington CC
4 Paul Birchell Folkestone Velo Club
5 Nathaniel Cooke No Team
6 Colm McCaughly London Dynamo
7 Joseph Clifford Dulwich Paragon
8 Westley Law BowlPhish Bontrager Racing
9 Samual Doll Islington CC
10 Keir Sutton Dulwich Paragon




1 Nathaniel Cooke No Club
2 Oliver Robinson Thanet RC
3 Keir Sutton Dulwich Paragon


2/3/4 Women
Race Report: Jennifer Crough returned and as she did in week 2 she took everything winning both the prime and the race with Madeline Verdegaal (Boston Wheelers CC) taking second and Sophie Edmonson (Join A Club) taking 3rd.

Having only raced 2 of the 4 weeks JEnnifer came up short for the series with Agata Woznicka’s 5th place enough to edge the series by 4 points.


1 Jennifer Crouch Velopsport Pasta Montegrappa
2 Medeline Verdegaal Boston Wheelers CC
3 Sophie Edmondson No Club
4 Claire Hammond London Dynamo
5 Agata Woznicka No Club
6 Charlotte Heywood No Club
7 Adife Do Horty London Phoenix
8 Lesley Pinder Elitecycling
9 Anita Saycell Ystwyth CC
10 Claire Goodman No Club


1 Jennifer Crouch Velopsport Pasta Montegrappa
2 Charlotte Heywood No Club
3 Michelle Foster London Phoenix

Most Aggressive Racer Week 4:

Tom Hargreaves (London Dynamo)
Tom simply won everything last night and he did so whilst spending a large majority of the last 30% of the race on the front keeping the pace up and then pulling back Ben Allen in the last few laps whilst still having enough to dominate the sprint off the front of the bunch.

Most Aggressive of the Series:

James Freeman (Duwlich Paragon)
James was super aggressive in Week 1 making the first break then the second and winning from a 3 man group. In week 2 he again attached a long way from hone with a group of 3, which went down to 2 and was on for the win before a collision caused by a 4th cat rider ended the racing and left him battered and bruised and with a broken bike. In week 3 he played the team role until the break was clear then again set about digging off the front and being hugely acive. His puncture on the line in Week 4 whilst tied for the series with Tom was just plain rude. Deservedly he is the winner of the Most Agressive Rider of the Series prize, an hour massage from VeloPhysio!

See the finish video on the Clubs YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbGiM4qmC5wOOeD1bdcIzxg


NB: Due to the non-classification of Week 2 results for the 2/3 races any 4th cat who moves to 2/3 during the series (and therefore moves their points into the 2/3 Category for the Series overall) will not have their Week 2 RACE points included in their total. Prime points will be counted.

Series Points   TOTAL
2/3s 2/3s  
  Tom Hargreaves (London Dynamo) 70
Dominic Munson (Dulwich Paragon) **4th to 3rd 52
James Freeman (Dulwich Paragon) 40
Mark McCullagh (Dulwich Paragon) 38
Jon Pulestin-Jones (Dulwich Paragon) 27
Vojtech Blazejovsky (Brixton Cycles) 24
Ben Allen (Dulwich Paragon) 20
Ben Knapp (Dulwich Paragon) 18
Joshua Butler (Queens Tower) 16
Nathan Parnell (Dulwich Paragon) **4th to 3rd 16
Dimitri Demishev (Hackney CC) 16
Amritpal Virdi (Norwood Paragon) 12
Nick Davis (Kingston Wheelers CC) 10
Danny Bellion (Queens Tower) 8
Simon Barnes (London Dynamo) 6
Richard Poynter (London Phoenix) 6
Patrick Martyn (WindyMilla) 6
Timothy Harkness (Maison du Velo) 5
Ross Hallard (Pretorius Bikes) 4
Arthur Tye (PMR@ToachimHouse) 3
Harry Paine (team corley – drops rt) 2
Matt Hamond (Dulwich Paragon) 1
4ths Men 4ths Men  
George Hayes (Dulwich Paragon) 36
Paul Birchell (Folkestone Velo Club)  30
Colin Newton (Folkestone Velo) 26
Oliver Robinson (Thanet CC) 22
James Perry (Dulwich Paragon) 20
Graham Rudd (Redbridge CC) 18
Will Morton (Rapha CC) 18
Oliver Williams (Dulwich Paragon) 16
Nathaniel Cooke (Private Member) 15
James Buckley (Sorby Hinds) 14
Will Becker (Private Member) 14
Rob Valdes (Islington CC) 14
Joshua Hobbs (Kingston Wheelers) 12
Jesus Moreno Loser (Private Member) 10
Joe Fisher (Dulwich Paragon) 10
Andy Handcock (TCC) 10
Magnus Wills (Dulwich Paragon) 8
Jonathan Croft (Private Member) 8
Luke Woolfson (Islington CC) 8
Andrew Jarratt (Southgate CC) 6
David Kettle (Dulwich Paragon) 6
Joseph Clifford (Dulwich Paragon) 6
Keir Sutton (Dulwich Paragon) 5
James Malone (Dulwich Paragon) 4
Tom Herbert (Kingston Wheelers) 4
Richard Arthur (Private Member) 3
Graham Hindson (Dulwich Paragon) 3
Black/Blue Kit 2
Nick Eisenger (Dorking Cycling Club) 2
Geraint Grifith (Private Member) 2
Nicholas Wood (BowlPhish BONTRAGER Racing) 2
Nick Tyson (RCC) 2
2/3/4 Women 2/3/4 Women  
Agata Woznicka (Private Member) 64
Jennifer Crouch (Velosport Pasta Montegrappa) 60
Therese Coen (Queens Tower CC) 39
Gabriella Leveridge (Private Member) 37
Sophie Edmondson (Private Member) 36
Emma Fudge (Dulwich Paragon) 32
Nicole Oh (Les Filles) 30
Charlotte Heywood (Private Member) 24
Michelle Forster (London Phoenix CC) 21
Claire Hammond (London Dynamo) 20
Claire Goodman (Private Member) 16
Medeline Verdegaal (Boston Wheelers CC) 16
Tamala McGee (London Phoenix) 13
Lucy Manning (Dulwich Paragon) 8
Martine Groen (Islington CC) 6
Adife Do Horty (London Phoenix) 6
Katie Righton (Dulwich Paragon) 4
Alice Cutter (Dulwich Paragon) 4
Kathryn Morris (Dulwich Paragon) 4
Lesley Pinder (Elitecycling) 4
Rebecca Williams (Dulwich Paragon) 2
Anna Saunders (Wigmore CC) 2
Libby Gordon (Dulwich Paragon) 2
Anita Saycell (Ystwyth CC) 2
Aggressive Rider Most Aggressive Rider
Week 1 Jacob Nicholson (Team Bottecchia UK)
Week 2 Jennifer Crouch (Velosport Pasta Montegrappa)
Week 3 Tom Herbert (Kingston Wheelers)
Week 4 Tom Hargreaves (London Dynamo)
Winner: James Freeman (Dulwich Paragon)