Harry Must 2016 – Round 1 (7th May)

Today’s Club Time Trial took place in Bletchingley, under a bright sunshine. This was in stark contrast to last year’s cold and damp first Harry Must round of the season.

We were running our first Club TT in Bletchingley (GS335), a challenging course that finishes with a testing climb.

Congrats to Mat Hammond, Olivia Campbell and Titouan Barthemely on their respective wins, and kudos to Jon Puleston-Jones on coming third and fastest road bike.

I’d like to thank all our helpers who showed everyone the way and hopefully had some fun at the same time.

In the Men, the podium was decided within only 21 seconds, Mat finishing just ahead of Dan Pink (Big Foot) and JPJ. This proves once again that uphill finishes can make a big difference. Chris had an unlucky ride though, going off piste on the descent, landing in brambles and nettles. He still managed to post a decent time despite this incident and officially earns today’s Kudos. Hope you’re fine Chris and come back soon.

Olivia took the Women’s top spot ahead of Kathryn who seems to be getting closer and challenging harder every ride.

Our Juniors took centre stage today by turning up in numbers and displaying wonderful guts and tenacity on this very rolling and not-so-flat course. Titouan won, going under 30′ and finishing 5th overall. The rest were seen challenging their mentor, with a clear target to beat Charlie’s time. Few of them achieved this so bravo to them! Some really emotional scenes of students becoming the master were on display by the roadside.

Our Super, extra Vet award goes to Charlie, and hat tip not only for his winning time (yes) but also for leading a group to this event and by doing so significantly lowering the average age of our testers community. We have seen the future today and future looks bright! Thank you Charlie.

Next week’s event will be in the same place, same time. Sam Crossley will lead the proceedings.


Name Time Road Bike?
Titouan Barthelemy 00:29:26 Yes
Patrick Jôb 00:30:27 Yes
Eddie Davies 00:30:37 Yes
Luke Levett 00:32:09 Yes
Sean Harvey 00:32:51 Yes
Marcus Langford 00:47:38 Yes


Name Time Road Bike?
Mat Hammond 00:27:20
Dan Pink 00:27:39 Big Foot
Jon Puleston-Jones 00:27:41 Yes
Joe Clifford 00:29:04 Yes
Michael Sanders 00:30:10
Will Brassington 00:31:02
Sam Crossley 00:31:29
Chris O’Hearn 00:31:45 Yes Off Piste
Charlie Codrington 00:31:54 Yes
Dean Wicks 00:32:04 Yes
Joel Brassington 00:32:34 Yes


Name Time Road Bike?
Olivia Campbell 00:30:50 Yes
Kathryn Morris 00:31:45