Committee Meeting 5th April 2016

Dulwich Paragon Cycling Club

Committee Meeting

Tuesday 5th April 2016

Held at Cafe Paradou

Apologies: Rahal Goonewardene, Alex Robbins, Ollie Williams, Rhys Keepence, and Bob Ruszkowski

Item 1: Wally Gimber Wash-up (Patrick)

The race was overall a success, with thanks to the team that help organise it.  There were 80 starters and 3 of the reserves got a ride.  The feedback from riders was good.  We had a good social media presence, which made a huge difference.  The race benefitted from good marshalling and a good commissaire team.

The general consensus is that the circuit is not fit for purpose, in terms of running a race of this scale.  There are no obvious alternative circuits available.  The club may need to develop its own circuit for the race.  The organising team is meeting in a few weeks and will look at the circuit.

There was a recent article in the Kentish Express which built upon one complaint, making it sound like there are lots of locals against us.  It was a biased article, and doesn’t perhaps reflect the general feeling of local residents.

Overall it was a fantastic job to deliver the race to the standard that we do.

Item 2: Darren Williams / Coaching (Patrick / Charlie / Steve)

Darren Williams is a new member of the club who is a BC Level 3 coach.  He would like to fulfil his volunteering role within the club by coaching members.

It could be either coaching a team or individuals.  One suggestions was an inter-discipline date at Gravesend (Cyclopark) with coaching in the morning and racing in the afternoon.

He would possibly be amenable to Wednesday nights at HHV.  Steve mentioned that he had booked the track for a race training session.  It was thought that was something Darren would  love to be involved with.

It was raised that the good thing about Cyclopark is that you can try various disciplines there and hire bikes.

Charlie confirmed that he would be the main link to Darren.

Item 3: Financial planning meeting (Patrick / Alex)

Alex has been working hard to deal with the club finances.  An illustration of the club accounts was distributed.  A discussion around the illustration took place.

Alex raised the point that it had been talked about having a separate account for kit payments.  It would make it easier to deal with kit payments.  An audit of kit once a year would also be helpful.

The point was made that it would be useful to agree what the club should as a minimum in the bank.  It was suggested that expenditure could be fixed as a percentage of the club’s income.

Patrick clarified that the idea behind the exercise was to identify the club’s income and the various budget holders.  Nigel suggested that it is necessary to factor in the results of the member survey which may influence expenditure.

It was agreed that a date for the Financial Committee would be agreed and committee members would be asked to give feedback for that meeting.

Item 4: Ride-guide volunteering (Kathryn)

Kathryn has been tracking who has been volunteering, but doesn’t know who has been leading Saturday rides.

Putting aside the Saturday rides, we need to fill 638 volunteering slots during the year.

DJB responded that it is difficult to keep track of who is leading a Saturday newbie ride.  Gary responded that leading the newbie ride on a Saturday shouldn’t be a volunteering slot.

Following a discussion it was agreed that the Saturday rides will not count as a volunteering session.

Item 5: Saturday & intro ride (Gary, DJB and Libby)

The club has received feedback from potential members who have joined the intro ride.  Several women riders have had a bad time (as well as one man).  The women are now members of the club due to a lot of work from the club and because they knew other members of the club.

The principle reasons given were that they weren’t talked to or were left behind.  Beth asked if these issues would be ironed out with the ride guide training.

DJB responded that he addressed the point of not leaving people behind at a recent Saturday ride.  Do we still believe that the non-members intro ride once a month is the best way of doing it?  We have about a 30% conversion rate.

Gary explained that we introduced it because membership was growing so quickly but the membership has reached a plateau over the last year.

DJB suggested that it might be more welcoming to make it more often so that numbers are smaller.

Libby suggested that it might be worth waiting until after the ride guide course.  Furthermore, it may be worth being targeted about who the ride guides are.

Item 6: Awards night wash-up (DJB / Libby)

It cost the club over £200 for trophies / certificates / frames etc.  Do we need to keep presenting the trophies, considering the cost and logistics?

David Rhys responded that the trophies are historical and should be kept.  Kathryn suggested that we could ask for a volunteer to assist with the administration side of things.

Nigel asked if the trophies are awarding the right categories or whether we need to change them?  Although, we should be reluctant of returning to rebadging trophies.

Charlie asked if it might be possible to ask about a trophy cabinet in the new pavilion at HHV.

Item 7: Track – private sessions (Steve)

Organised a track chat night to encourage people to track racing.

Race training on 12 June

Inter-club meeting on 3 July

DP World Champs on 3 September

Work on the HHV pavilion is due to start on 8 May.

Item 8: CP Crits (Ben / DJB)

Changing the entry process to give supporting clubs entry for first 7 days then opening it up.  Entries open up 2 weeks before each race.

BC have asked for a risk assessment.  They may restrict our numbers which would be annoying this close to the start of the series.

Sponsors in place and background work has been done.

Volunteers for judging and sign on are piling in.

It was suggested that there might be a need for a CP Crits secretary in future as Bob seeks to step back.

It was agreed to approach Panagua about leading the organisation for CP.

Item 9: Membership (Rahal)

Rahal circulated the following report due to be discussed at the next committee meeting.

e-Membership Card

·         There have been a number of people attending club rides and events who have thought they were members when they are not (i.e. forgetting to sign-up on Rider HQ or thinking that they only needed to nominate DP as one of their clubs with BC).

·         Would like to run a very small trial test of an electronic membership card on Rider HQ and come back to the Committee with findings and recommendations. I will do it on a Saturday HHV ride with a cross-section of 15-20 volunteers.

·         Members will be able to download them to their phones and swipe into rides using a barcode or QR code in a similar way to Park-Run.

·         Ride leaders could then get names, contact details and emergency contact details of the people on their rides, which hopefully will link to the initiatives on ride leaders and ride safety.

·         Designs can be added or setup on Rider HQ (Dave Rees hopefully to help?)

·         A number of other cycling and Tri clubs are testing it for Rider HQ and there is an opportunity for us to help to shape how it will work.

·         We could also add an option on the club shop to then buy a hard copy membership card from a supplier who would send it directly to members (including the life bands that are already on RHQ) if there is demand.



Introductory Ride Sign-Up and % of People who Attend then Join

·  See attached numbers on the people signing up for and attending the introductory ride, as well as those who then join.

The club membership is fairly static at about 650 and it would be good to know what the committee priorities are for the recruitment of members (joiners and renewals). Perhaps this should come out of the membership survey?

We get a lot of really positive feedback from people who then go onto join but there are some people who come along looking for a slower ride and I am not sure if we want or need to be able to cater for that? We may need more volunteers to lead slower rides to do that.

One of the similar points of feedback from the survey on the regular HHV rides is people wanting a regular slower HHV ride and clearer speeds for other groups, as everybody now seems to identify themselves as intermediate. Perhaps we just need some volunteers to lead slower rides ( I tried to recruit a few people to do this but not had much luck so far) and ride leaders to advertise approximate speeds more clearly?

IT Requirements – I emailed Alex R. but have not heard back as yet. Hope that I am not stepping on toes.

– The attached is the IT requirements log that we put together with Alex Robbins and Kathryn last year, with comments from Nat at RiderHQ.

– I was going to ask if other people want to add to it so that we can capture requirements across the Committee for each system (Rider HQ, the website etc…) and get more IT volunteers to help.

– I am also having quite a lot of problems with membership applications and renewals recently and I am hoping we can look at how the RiderHQ pages can be hosted on the website again (not sure what Patrick’s proposals refer to but hopefully they might help).

– Nat from RiderHQ has also agreed to meet again over the summer to look at progress and future needs/developments.


Membership Survey 

– I circulated results and some highlights so far but happy for any comments or questions to be emailed to me.

– I was planning to do a summary and slides of highlights or key points.

– Perhaps Nigel, you and myself (plus any interested others or the smaller executive committee) could meet to look at them and decide what we might want to do? I am more than happy to draft, write and consult on a strategy, aims and objectives and/or an action plan as I do this for work anyway.

Item 10: Website / IT (Rahal / Patrick)

Alex provided the following update via DJB:

I spoke to Patrick the other week who wanted some photos of the Wally Gimber put up on the website. I put a couple of photos up for him but had to explain that unfortunately it wasn’t feasible to upload a whole gallery of photos due to the limitations of the current website, as we have discussed several times before.  As you know, it is my desire to rebuild the website on a different system. I am really quite embarrassed about the lack of progress on this in the last year – my fault entirely as I haven’t had the time to work on it. But I do now at last have some time to spend on it and am currently working on a WordPress site. I have a couple of other club members I can draw on for help too. I estimate I’ll have it done in about 6 weeks. I hope to have something to demo to interested parties for feedback before then.

Alex will need to ask the various secretaries to update their sections on the website.

Item 11: Archives (DJB)

Been in touch with the National Cycling Archive who are probably prepared to take on our archives to digitise them and make it available online.

Libby asked if it was appropriate to give them a donation.  DJB thought it worth considering.

Item 12: Kit update (Charles via DJB)

Charlie raised the point that we have had a year with little kit.  Should we stop the process of finding a new supplier, stay with Giordana and go to the fulfilment model?

With Ray retiring this year, it is critical that we solve the storage issues very quickly.  Should we postpone a new supplier and concentrate on the fulfilment?  The logistics solution could be temporary – for just 6 months.

It was agreed that Charlie would approach a logistics supplier (Pick and Pack) to get a proposal from them.

The committee agreed unanimously that it wished to record it thanks and appreciation to Charles for his dedication and extraordinary hard work.

Item 13: Secretaries

Treasurer (Alex)

The mandate has now be resolved.

General (DJB)

Have approached Hans VdB about taking over as the club doctor.  Currently awaiting a response.

Cyclo-cross/Youth/MTB (Charlie)

MTB training session arranged at Hadley Farm.

Sportives / Rides (Gary)

Lee Jackson is going into hospital with an aggressive prostate cancer.  The club wish him well and will send the best wishes from the club following the treatment.

Note: Due to the period of time taken discussing earlier matters, reports were not received from the various secretaries, save for the points minuted above.

Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be Monday 16 May.

The Finance sub-committee meeting will be 9 May

Meeting closes at 9.05pm.