Committee Meeting 17th May 2016

Dulwich Paragon Cycling Club

Committee Meeting

Monday 17th May 2016

Apologies were received from: Alex Robbins, Libby Gordon, Beth Hodges, David Rees

Item 1: Financial (Alex/Patrick)

An illustrated draft income for the club for this year and the next few years was distributed.  A discussion took place around the draft.

There is due to be a surplus from the Crystal Palace crits, but it is unlikely that there will be any surplus from any other races.  Wally Gimber is still likely to require a subsidy from the club.

It was felt that the club needs to develop a fixed assets register.

Alex suggested that a limit per person per season be fixed for racing expenses.  The constitution may require amendment to reflect that races expenses are discretionary.

It was agreed that ‘discretionary’ was a good description to use.  It would be nice if the club were able to support other organisations that might need it – such as the Bec Hill Climb.

Charles asked whether the club should have a development budget to support people training as coaches etc.

It was asked if the club’s membership is the price level.  It was felt that other clubs charge in the region of £30/£35.  DJB pointed out that the club’s membership price should be tempered against the requirement to have British Cycling membership.

Alex explained that the club has £27k in cash at the moment, but it will be needed to fund kit.

Nigel summarised that there was generally good feedback for the draft finance projections.  It was also important to devise a simple authorisation payment.

Item 2: Kit update (Charles)

In Charles’s absence he submitted a brief update for the committee.

He has some samples (men and women) for committee members to try.

Champion Systems has become the preferred supplier.  The key thing is whether we like the Champion Systems kit.

Nigel concluded that it would be impossible to reach a decision until the kit had been road tested and feedback had been received.

Item 3: Velosure offer (Bob)

Velosure would like to take an advert on the club’s website with an amount being given to the club for insurance sales resulting from clicks on our site.

Nigel suggested, and the committee agreed, that as a club it is our policy not to have such adverts on our websites as we are not a sponsored club.

Item 4: Club doctor update (DJB)

The current club doctor, Dr Ray Velo, retires at the end of the year.  Hans Van der Berck has agreed to take over, subject to his insurance provider being content.  Do we have any specific requirements for Wally Gimber or Ride of the Falling Leaves?  In terms of Wally Gimber, if he wants to drive a motorbike in the convoy, then he needs to be a member of the National Escort Group (NEG).  It was felt that he would be the race doctor from a car.

Item 5: Membership (Rahal)

Rider HQ are trialling e-membership cards with a few clubs clubs.  They have asked if we would like to try them.  Rahal is keen to do so.

It could be a useful tool – depending how easy it would be to use.  DJB suggested that photographs would be a useful tool on the cards.

Rahal suggested choosing 20 people at random to try the e-membership cards.

Item 6: Training camps (Rahal)

48 people went to Spain.  Plans are currently being made for another such camp next year, possibly towards the end of March.  Possible locations are Girona, Calpe or Majorca.

They may well be a role for a training camp co-ordinator.

Item 7: Secretaries

Ben (Mens’ Racing)

Velopark is booked for 9 September for the club championships.

The Youth Games are taking place on 18 June, but there is no booking at Velopark in the evening for us as promised.  Bob has a meeting coming up with the Youth Games officials and will check the position.

Steve (Track)

6 women racing for Dulwich at womens track league on Saturday.

Race practice session scheduled for 12 June.

One of the club’s Felt track bikes was lent to a member for the winter track league and it hasn’t been returned.

Serge (Time Trial)

Harry Must season is well under way.  Saturday morning are going well.  We have seen a particularly big turn out this month.  We will be holding Thursday evening sessions in June and July.

We held an open event a few weeks ago which went well.  There are lots of new people trying time trialling – including several women.

Kathryn (Volunteering)

We went through a difficult time at the beginning of the month when we needed 35 volunteers for a road race.  It was difficult to get the required number but we managed to get there in the end.

The new system of appointing and tracking volunteers is working well.

Would like to take volunteering off the membership form and put a link to the volunteering sheet that members can amend through the year.

Patrick (LVRC)

4 September – LVRC promotion at Bletchingley


Got everyone that we need for this weekend.

Charlie (Cross etc)

There is a cross event at Herne Hill in mid-August.

The London Cross League – we will most likely promote an event at Hog Hill or Leeds Castle.  Currently waiting for the dates from Glyn.

Not worried if we don’t promote a summer cross event.

Youth – nothing to report.

Bob (CP Crits and Equipment)

Everything is now in place for the Crystal Palace Crits series.  A private firm is providing the first aid after St Johns let us down.  There is more pressure from British Cycling about risk assessment and route management.

Shopping list of equipment is complete – apart from Steve’s race numbers for September.

Rahal (Membership)

IT requirements – we have a meeting with Nat in August to discuss further.

156 responses were received to the membership survey.  A summary will follow.

The new website looks much better.  The committee wished to record its thanks to Alex for his hard work developing the new site.  It unanimously passed a vote of thanks to Alex.

Gary (Rides)

About 110 riders on the most recent new members ride.  We are getting short of space at Herne Hill Velodrome due to the building works.  We may have to temporarily relocate.  A possible venue has yet to be identified, with one possibility being Dulwich Park.

Currently putting together a list of events that 10 or more members are travelling to (such as ‘l’Etape du Tour).

Item 8: Any Other Business

Gary has recently spoken to Jonny Clay at British Cycling Headquarters.  Despite the success of the Women’s Tour, women’s races are falling off the calendar at the lower level.  Gary wondered if there is anything that the club might like to consider to support women’s racing at a local level.

Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be Monday 18th July

The Finance sub-committee meeting will be 13th June.