Harry Must Round 10

A very pleasant evening for the last club TT of the series, reasonably warm, slightly overcast and luckily the wind dropped just before the start.

This week few riders from Les Filles joined us and made the women competition a bit more interesting. Few PBs were posted, including what is probably a competition record (21:13). Congrats to all and hopefully you can enjoy some good fitness over the rest of summer.


Les Filles

Name Time Road Bike Club
Olivia Campbell 0:25:20 Yes Dulwich Paragon
Delia Beddis 0:25:22 Les Filles
Helen McKay 0:25:25 Les Filles
Kathryn Morris 0:25:56 Dulwich Paragon
Nicole Oh 0:26:29 Yes Les Filles
Lexie Shaw 0:26:33 Les Filles

Les Garçons

Mark Perry 0:21:13 Look Mum No Hands!
Graham Little 0:22:17 Dulwich Paragon
Sam Evans 0:23:23 Dulwich Paragon
Chris Bedson 0:23:58 Dulwich Paragon
Euan Davis 0:24:19 Dulwich Paragon
John Bird 0:26:05 Yes Dulwich Paragon
David Shanks 0:28:08 Yes Dulwich Paragon
Fred Bedson 0:33:42 Yes VCL (Junior)

Well done Fred on his first ever TT! I am sure he’ll be back to chase 1st spot in the Bedson’s competition.

Thanks to Andrew, Jo and David for helping out tonight.