Committee Meeting – September 19 2016

Dulwich Paragon CC

Committee Meeting-Monday Sept 19th 2016

7:30 Café Paradou


Attendees: James Stannard (JS), Ben Knapp (BK), Jon Puleston-Jones (JPJ), Steve Sorba (SS), Patrick Hawkins (PH), Beth Hodge (BH), Serge Bouschet (SB), Bob Ruszkowski (BR), Richard Whitehorn (RW), Rahal Goonewardene(RG), Kathryn Morris (KM), Dave Rees (DR), Alex Robbins (AR), David Joss Buckley (DJB), Nigel Wood (NW) Alex Robbins (AR)


Apologies: Oliver Williams, Libby Gordon, Gary MacGowan, Rhys Keepence, Alex Brooke Turner



  • Men’s racing section / Ben K’s replacement
  • SERRL – future?
  • National Competition expenses
  • Footway Anerley Hill
  • Sunday club ride
  • Paying for kit / membership direct debit complication
  • BC SE Region AGM
  • Secretaries
  • AOB


Men’s racing section / Ben K’s replacement


BK: General racing review:

  • Palace was fairly successful despite the rain. ABT to run the P&L soon to see if we managed to make a profit.
  • Dulwich Worlds was run Friday 9th Sept at Velo Park – numbers were a little down on previous year but it was still well attended and could be a good option for running next year. The clash with the women’s race the next day reduced the female numbers by half which was a shame. Pete at Rat Race donated around £350 for prizes – thank you very much Pete.


Stepping down as Road Race Sec

  • BK: Happy to run the Winter series this year and help with Palace in the summer as much as in 2016 but to step down as Race Sec organising the Surrey League and SERRL races etc. RW, JS and JPJ have put themselves forward to take over the position.
  • DJB: Ollie Williams also wishes to step down as SERRL Sec. Ollie, Ben and Rhys have commented in the past that it is a big task to look after the leagues on their own. One idea is to spread the responsibilities across 6 people who would organise the SERRL, Surrey League and all other road races.
  • BK: Suggest also appointing a race day manager who is available to attend on the actual day to help run the event. KM felt this would be a great help in terms of volunteering duties.
  • PH: One of the SERRL organisers is happy to help with providing marshals for the SERRL races next season.

Action Item: BK to arrange a meeting with RW, JPL, JS, PH and KM to discuss how the role will work.

SERRL – future?

  • PH- Kim Anderson is stepping down from organising SERRL. There is an AGM coming up at the end of Nov and welcome any proposals from clubs to see how it can run next season without her. PH is very keen for the SERRL to continue and put the question to the committee to consider any ideas for how we can ensure this happens. And would like to suggest buying a gift for Kim to say thank you for her contribution

Action Item: PH will co-ordinate with members of SERRL to see if other clubs wish to donate to a gift.

  • DJB- It might be worth getting the major London cycling clubs together to discuss issues which concern us all such as SERRL.

Action Item: DJB – to find email contacts from Ride London meeting he attended a couple of weeks ago with TFL.

Action Item: PH to notify the club members of this change and pose a question to see if they have suggestions for getting involved in continuing SERRL

The footway on Anerley Hill

  • DJB: The police have contacted DJB on numerous times complaining about Dulwich members seen cycling on the pavement whilst going up Anerley Hill and often cycling into /around pedestrians waiting at the bus stop. The real issue is that there are no traffic provisions for cyclists which forces them onto the pavement but before this changes we need to stop riders breaking the law otherwise the police will start fining offenders.
  • BH: Suggests that the police should be encouraged to fine riders who are seen doing this to send the message out that this is not acceptable behaviour.
  • PH: Suggests making up a sign with the Dulwich logo to say “no cycling on the pavements” but issue is where we can legally post the signs.
  • DJB: Could also push TFL to put a cycle lane on Anerley Hill? Action Item – DJB to ask Gary McGowan to take this up with TFL
  • PH/BH: To also co-ordinate efforts for improved cycle way with the LCC


Sunday Club Ride

  • SS- Summary of proposing formal Sunday rides as put forward in the last committee meeting:

There have been requests for Sunday club rides in the similar fashion as the Saturday ride with a lead rider who will put out an announcement on the forum to say what distance, type of ride, map etc And have to 4-6 riders who volunteer to lead a ride once every 6 weeks. KM & DJB suggested just picking a date and getting it started to see what the take up would be.

Action Item: SS to send out a general email to alert members to this and on the forum

Action Item: DJB- to also announce on the Saturday club ride

Action Item: Rahal – to send the current introductory email which is sent to new members to all committee members for edits.

Action Item: PH to email Sarah to send out a newsletter with info on the Sunday ride


Paying for kit / membership direct debit complication


RG: CC and RG recently started automated payments by direct debit for kit but there is an issue as the service was taking all items in people’s baskets in Rider HQ from the Dulwich shop including items they hadn’t bought. Therefore, direct debit option will be removed and kit is to be paid by credit / debit card instead which most people would normally do anyway.

NW: Enquired if the new kit distribution is working well.

DJB and PH: Haven’t had any complaints so far and Charlie commented that it is working well.

JPL: Enquired about the skin suits

DR: The skin suits are currently in stock but the labelling needs to be changed in order for them to be stored at the warehouse. He hopes this will be done in the next month and will then be posted up in the Dulwich Paragon shop

BC SE Region AGM

PH and BH attended the recent BC SE Region AGM and report back on the main items discussed:

PH: South East region is the largest region in terms of venue and BC Membership and therefore have 15 votes at the National Council which is more than Scotland and Wales put together. The region thinks they have a lot of cash – around £30k in their accounts but not certain on figure yet due to poorly performing Treasurer who is due to be replaced soon. There is a general feeling that the Elite road racing has a northern bias – there are very few National A race in the south and therefore the committee is willing to address this. There is a lot of bureaucracy to get an item on the national council AGM but we have 2 Dulwich members (Beth and Scott) to attend the AGM and report back.

BH: We seem to have a very proactive Regional Events Officer–Simon Bedford– who really wants to make the region a lot better. BK and BR commented that although Simon is proactive there have been issues in the past with the notification period he provides on the paperwork / regulations he has insisted on for imminent races. There is also limited guidance given by BC on what information is required in certain documents such as Risk Assessments.

BC has invited all clubs to submit race dates by the end of September and they will endeavour to avoid clashes with races across different regions.

The region is also looking into getting more people to become commissaires and setting up a shadowing / mentoring programme plus a “day in the life of…” so that people are given more information on what the job involves and provide the required training.

The region is also looking into purchasing timing chips for races but need a business case with a recommendation of a timing chip system which has been tried and tested.

Action Item: BK – to put PH in touch with the Redbridge centre who purchased some with Olympic legacy money.

NW – We also have some timing chips in Bob’s garage which were purchased a long time ago but could still work. Action Item – NW to locate the timing chips and see if they work.




  • Road Racing: Jon Puleston-Jones, James Stannard, Richard Whitehorn. Ben Knapp (exiting)


JPJ JS and RW: To schedule a meeting with BK to discuss the hand-over of the road race captaincy and to then contact all BC Licence Dulwich members to see what their interests are in terms of racing.


NW: There is also money in the road racing pot which could be put towards coaching to help with targeting a race and getting riders ready for it.

PH: Suggested that he can help with their budgeting of events as well

BK: Chris Eswell from Redbridge is interested in providing some sponsorship towards the club events. Action Item: BK to follow this up with Chris and report back to the committee

BK: Would also like to note that James Stannard is here as 1 half of the winning pair of the TCR and suggested that James and Andy host a Q&A in November on riding TCR – Libby Gordon to organise this at London Velo

  • General: David Joss Buckley


DJB: TFL hosted a meeting on Ride London and invited several major London cycling clubs to attend to put forward ideas on safety. RL keen that it is not seen as a race by any of the riders to ensure that people don’t ride aggressively. There is also a need to educate riders on riding etiquette in bunches. L. Dynamo suggested embedding an educational video which you have to view before you can submit your application to enter. This could also be replayed at the start as the riders are queuing up.  This year in pure statistics terms the event was very safe with only a few instances for such a large number of riders. But there were a couple of tragic deaths. There were a couple of pinch points on the course which caused some issues- they are looking into this


  • Volunteering Coordinator – Kathryn Morris

KM: There are only 3 more events for 2016 that we need volunteers for –Dulwich Hill Climb, Ride of the Falling Leaves, London X-League but have volunteers lined up for these already.

Action Item: Please can all members notify KM of any race dates confirmed for next year so she can update the calendar and encourage people to sign up early – so far only the Wally Gimber date is up there.

KM has updated the website with clear information on the kind of things volunteers can do and how to volunteer, swap with someone etc.

The tally for this year of volunteering shows that there are around 300 members who haven’t volunteered this year – what can we do about them?

DJB: suggested emailing the 300 people directly to appeal to their social conscience. KM to email them directly to enquire about volunteering for the first few events in 2017 to see if that will encourage participation

KM to attend a volunteering workshop for the South East Region and to report back to committee on findings.

  • Track – Steve Sorba

SS: Ran the first ever Track champs in August which was successful although numbers were not as high as we would have liked. The following weekend there was an open race and there were more Dulwich riders than previously with Dulwich making up about 30% of the people riding which is unprecedented. The open event did actually break even in terms of profit. Will run again next year.

  • Time Trials – Serge Bouschet

SB: It is the end of the season for TT apart from the Hill Climb in October. Now looking at calendar dates for 2017 which have been submitted to National TT which includes Cudham Harry Must TT on Thursdays and Bletchingley course on 4 Saturdays.

There is a TT meeting scheduled for the 29th September for anyone who is interested in the running of the club TTs next year but main plan is to run as this year.

  • LVRC- Patrick Hawkins

PH – The LVRC Finale was on the 4th September. Feedback PH had on the club was very successful from other clubs and riders that the marshalling and managing of the race was excellent. The main sponsors have agreed to support the series again next year. The date for the race finale in 2017 will be 10th Sept

Wally Gimber date has been agreed as the 19th March

  • Women’s Secretary – Beth Hodge

BH: Thank you to all the committee members for supporting the London Women’s League. Particularly the support on running a 2/3/4 race at Palace –there were 48 people signed up even though the race got rained off.

There has been a slight drop off in terms of women’s members – not overly concerned but would welcome any ideas from the committee members on driving members and also encouraging people to give racing a go.

Will be running a coaching session on racing again but looking for a new coach to provide this – Alice Cutter is looking into this by putting out a tender to see what local coaches can offer.

There was a good turn out for the Regents Park chain gang laps this summer – PH and Jen George ran sessions successfully with lots of new faces turning up to give it a go and there are now more women going to the Weds chain gang which meets up at Elmers End.

Cross Bikes – there are some cross bikes available for women riders. We are running some more skill sessions on cross bikes on Weds evenings

Women’s social rides are still well attended and a great way for people to meet new riders

LG would like to confirm SS will put aside a few places for female riders for the Wednesday night sessions. SS agreed this.

  • Equipment and events – Bob Ruszkowski

BR: Ride of the Falling Leaves sportive organisation is underway – thanks to KM for help with sourcing volunteers and other aspects are coming together

Palace – BR submitted his figures to Alex and looking forward to seeing what overall P&L is as we lost 8 out of the 15 planned events. But despite the rain, we had better support from other clubs in terms of driving attendance and getting volunteers to marshal etc on the night. Dates for next year could be as this year – last Tuesday of April and the penultimate Tuesday in August.

Club kit – there is nothing outstanding that is required in terms of club equipment which needs purchasing at the moment

  • Chairman – Nigel Wood

NW is intending to stand down as chairman who has been running for the last 10 years. Patrick is going to throw his hat into the ring as a successor and this will be discussed at the next AGM

DJB: Date of 2016 AGM – provisionally Nov 24 at London Velo in Deptford.