World Cycling Revival HHV 14th-16th June 2018: Club Discount!

World Cycling Revival are offering a 25% discount to all Club Members:

Just use code AC25 at! ​

As many of you may already be aware there is a brand new event coming to Herne Hill Velodrome next summer.

‘The event is expected to be the largest hosted at Herne Hill since the 1948 Olympics and is run with the support of Herne Hill Velodrome Trust.’

Herne Hill Velodrome costs around £300,000 a year to run. And the Trust are hoping that this event will help raise a significant amount towards these costs.
So enabling them to carry on all the amazing work they do and maintain a unique cycling facility from which we all benefit hugely.

The organisers will be paying both a ‘rental’ fee and a proportion of the take. So the more people that attend the more money the Trust will receive. A very good reason to come along.
In fact the hope is that this will be an annual event that will grow year on year.

Yes, there will be some disruption to the usual racing and training schedules over those few days but we are working to keep that to a minimum.
And the financial benefit to HHV and all it’s users will be immense. So it is something very much worth supporting.

There has already been mention of the ‘high’ ticket prices.
But fear not, as Dulwich Paragon members will be offered a discount given that we are one of the local clubs and major users of the track.

And there will also be other ways we can take part. Both by racing at the event and volunteering in various capacities.
Given a £10,048 winner takes all Brompton race and a Penny Farthing race I can already sense a couple of members adjusting their winter training plans…

Have a look on the Forum or the organisers website below for all the latest details. How to register as a volunteer and also how to take part in the racing.

And let’s pray for sunshine!