Club Awards Winners – Mar 15

Come along on Thursday March 15th to congratulate your successful clubmates and celebrate their fantastic achievements.  It’s going to be a relaxed, fun evening so don’t let the fact that you didn’t win anything put you off. If you’re new to the club, come along and get to know your new clubmates (and stars!)

Tickets are £12 which includes your buffet supper and the venue The East Dulwich Tavern has a splendid selection of drinks to suit all tastes.  Buy your tickets on Rider HQ.

And here are the 2017 winners:

Mass Start Trophy (most points in road races) – Jonathan Gales
Women’s Road Race Champion (as above) – Bella Leach
The League Plate (most accumulated points SERRL & SL) – Elliot Sharrad-Jones
Criterium Champion Shield (best-placed man at Crystal Palace) – Rhys Keepence
Criterium Champion Plate (best-placed woman at Crystal Palace) – Bella Leach
Veterans Road Race Champion (most points in LVRC races) – Simon Collins

Vic Smith Memorial Trophy (Best Track League Performance):  David Kettle
Men’s Track Champion Cup – David Kettle
Women’s Track Champion – Dalila Lecky
Syd Cozens Trophy (Best 1st Year Rider) – Justin Gillott

TT Championship Cup (best all-rounder over 10/25/50 miles: men) – David Emery
Women’s TT Champ* (best all-rounder over 10/25 miles) – Katie Crowe
Don Road Club 100 Cup (best 100-mile time) – Thomas Pfeiffer
The Memorial Trophy (best 50-mile time) – David Emery
Annual Ladies’ 25 Cup (best 25 mile time in designated event: women) – Katie Crowe
Paragon News Cup (best 25 mile time in designated event: men) – Serge Bouschet
Junior 25-Mile Champion* (as above) – Samuel Haymes
Women’s 10-Mile Champion* (best 10 mile time in designated event) – Jacintha Hamilton-Love
Men’s 10-Mile Champion* (as above) – Jon Puleston-Jones
Harry Must Cup (winner of evening 10’s series: men) – Jon Puleston-Jones
Harry Must Cup* (winner of evening 10’s series: women) – Jacintha Hamilton-Love 
Walter Cobb Trophy (winner of annual hill-climb) – Eddie Davies
Women’s Hill-Climb Champion* – Jacintha Hamilton-Love
Junior Hill-Climb Champion* – Eddie Davies
Downhill Cup (furthest unpropelled descent of Tilburstow Hill) – Sam Crossley
Women’s Downhill Champion* (as above) – Kathryn Morris

Other TT Achievements 2017 – New Club Records:

100-mile Team Record*: Iain Boardman, Jon Puleston-Jones & Joel Natale (11:42:24)
25-mile Team Record*: Iain Boardman, Thomas Pfeiffer & Jon Puleston-Jones (02:36:57) 
10-mile Individual Record*(men) – David Emery (00:19:41)
25-mile Individual Record* (men) – David Emery (00:51:16)
30-mile Individual Record* (men) – Iain Boardman (01:02:12)
10-mile Individual Record* (women) – Katie Crowe (00:22:24)
25-mile Individual Record* (women) – Katie Crowe (00:55:22)
50-mile Individual Record* (women) – Kathryn Morris (02:07:19)

Men’s Cyclo-Cross Champion (most points in London League) – David Rees
Women’s Cyclo-Cross Champion (as above) – Olivia Campbell
Junior Cyclo-Cross Champion* (as above) – Eddie Davies

Best Foreign Ride Cup (most impressive cycling achievement outside the UK) – Charlotte Roberge – Canadian Masters Champion
Albert Kirsch Memorial Cup (ClubPerson Of The Year – as chosen by secret ballot of the committee) – TO BE ANNOUNCED ON THE NIGHT!
Volunteer Of The Year Golden Cycle Picture (person outside the committee who has done most for club according to the Volunteering Secretary) – TO BE ANNOUNCED ON THE NIGHT!

The club honours you all!