Wrapped-up Rides Roundup Feb 23

A chilly weekend is forecast, so stay safe, take care on shaded country lanes, and keep an eye out on the forum for ride changes and cancellations. I’m currently in Tenerife and it was actually a bit cloudy today, so I’m definitely feeling your pain.
This week’s rides…
Saturday Club Run: As usual, meet at HHV 0845 for a 0900 start. We split into groups riding at different paces on the day, up to Beddlestead and back.
Early Sunday Windsor Loop: The “Mums & Dads” group are planning a pretty punchy 30kph ride west on flatter and less icy roads. Probably starting out around 0730 to facilitate a family-friendly finish time, so if you’re interested go to the Forum and find the Mums & Dads thread to be added to the group for full details.
Sunday Club Run: Meet at Cadence 0900 for a rollout shortly after.
Base rides are back! Hans van den Berk will lead the group 94km through Wrotham and back via Ide Hill. Route here, GPX here.
Steve Sorba will lead a 25-26kph ride to, but not up, Box Hill (it goes up an alternative and more exciting climb). Route here, GPX here.
DPNC (various days): A casual, earlier alternative to the club runs. All  rides meet at Cafe St Germain in Crystal Palace 15 minutes before the start.
Fridays – departs 0900, 25kph, route usually through Knatts Valley. Saturdays – departs 0830, slightly faster pace, route decided on the day. Sundays – departs 0900, 25kph, route decided on the day.
Wednesday Chaingang: Arise, ye workers from your slumbers! Sniff the spring air like hedgehogs stirring from hibernation, for race season is upon us. Which is by way of saying, meet at 7pm at Elmer’s End Trianglabout for some through-and-off.
Riders split into groups so hopefully no-one gets dropped, but the prevailing ethos can be a little more Darwinian than your average club ride, so download the winter route just in case. Route here, GPX here.
Happy riding,