Vets Racing (over 40s) at HHV and The Palace

Calling all the over 40s. Especially those who try to avoid having numbers pinned to their backs. Come and race two classic events. On your doorstep and for free! (Almost)

The club has organised two extra LVRC events for this season. The first will kick off the Velofete at Herne Hill Velodrome. A fun feast of frenzied cycling across the whole weekend of 15th/16th June.
It’s going to be a road race/ crit with an ‘imaginative’ use of the velodrome. Details still to be confirmed. And you can enter here:—road-race-crit-at-the-velodrome

And the second event will be one evening of the Crystal Place Crit series just for the LVRC.
So no excuses of not wanting to race against those young whippersnappers.
Entries will open two months before the event.

And did I mention it was free (almost). Well in order to race you will need to join the LVRC. Which you should do anyway so that you can come along to all the other races they organise. We have a strong Dulwich presence already so you won’t feel lonely. They even let you race in other categories while you find your feet. Women are more than welcome too. You would race against the men but can ride in an older category.
And yes that does cost £25.

So for the first ten Dulwich members who enter one or both of the races you will be reimbursed the entrance fee. That’s two classic races for less than a fiver!
So sign up and email Patrick below and all will be sorted.
See you there!

And as for current LVRC members, well I’ll be expecting to see you all there showing us how it’s done.