Dinosaurs at the Palace 27th August 2019

Calling all the over 40s.

Men and Women. Especially those who try to avoid having numbers pinned to their backs.

Come and race a classic event on your doorstep and for free! (Almost)

For one evening only an LVRC Crit at Crystal Palace. Enter here:


In order to race you will need to join the LVRC. Which you should do anyway so that you can come along to all the other races they organise. We have a strong Dulwich presence already so you won’t feel lonely. They even let you race in other categories while you find your feet. Women are more than welcome. You would race against the men but can ride in an ‘older’ category.
And yes that does cost £25. www.lvrc.org.uk/ 

But we’re offering a refund of the entrance fee to the first ten that enter.

So sign up and email Patrick below and all will be sorted.
See you there!

And as for current LVRC members, well I’ll be expecting to see you all there showing us how it’s done.