Survey Results

Many thanks to the members who completed the recent club survey. We had 166 responses, which is well over a third of the club.

It was an interesting and insightful exercise and the committee has used it to help take on board your thoughts and opinions about the way forward for the club.

There’ll be a more detailed write up in the next edition of Paragon News to analyse some of the results, particularly around attitudes and future outlook with some comments and thoughts from the committee. Some topics will also be covered at the club AGM.

For now though here are some of the basics about the club, members and riding.

  • Age: The largest block are 40 somethings at 34%. We also have 18-29 yrs 11%; 30-39 yrs 25%; 50-59 yrs 23%; 60+ 6%
  • Ethnicity: It will be no surprise that we are overwhelmingly white at 87.5%; 9.5% non-UK European and only 3% BAME. This is an area the committee has been looking to improve.
  • Membership duration of 2-5 years is most common, at nearly 40%. Over 20% are new joiners, around 30% are between 5 and 10 years and 12% have even longer. Our ‘oldest’ active members have been with the club for forty years.
  • Rides: Around two-thirds of people said they do the official club runs on weekends and around half do some of our training sessions like HHV, chain gang or CX sessions. Interestingly though 22.5% said they rarely do club rides.
  • Racing and Events: Sportives are the most popular event – about a third said it was their number one choice, followed by road racing on 25% and Track and CX a dead heat at 15%. (OK we know sportives aren’t officially races but… have you ever seen the way they ride those things?)

Overall satisfaction was very high. 85% of people gave the club a highly positive rating and club communication was also highly rated.

On further analysis our satisfaction rating was slightly lower among women with an average score of 8/10 compared to 8.5/10 for men. Again that’s something the committee is looking at.

This doesn’t mean the club can rest on its laurels. Like being in a peloton, if you aren’t moving up then you’re falling back and nobody wants Dulwich Paragon to stagnate.

However it does mean that we have to consider how changes are implemented and keep in mind the many members who are happy with evolution rather than revolution.

Apart from issues around women members and diversity there were strong themes emerging from the survey about more support and coordination for racing and competition, being a multi-discipline club and improving the experience for new members.

More on this in the AGM and some other announcements coming up and the next Paragon News will feature some of the context and discussion around topics concerning the future of the club.