Coached Track Session Lee Valley 4th March

I have booked a two hour slot for club members at Lee Valley Velodrome:

20.00 – 22.00 Wednesday 4th March 2020

LVV will provide a coach and they are always up for suggestions on the day as to how to run the session.
However it does depend on the experience of the riders taking part and 2hrs isn’t a very long time.
So this session isn’t intended for absolute beginners as it’s very easy to get to do taster sessions.
What I’d like is for riders who have at least some accreditation at HHV or similar track experience to enter.

It will cost £20 per person assuming you bring your own bike. That will just about cover the cost of hiring the track and the coach.

If you need to hire a bike or shoes etc then you’ll have to pay for those yourselves at the time.

There are sixteen places, First come first served.

Here are the specifications for bikes and clothing at LVV.

Post up any questions on the Forum Thread: