Update: Covid-19 Advice to Members

Following an update from British Cycling the club’s advice to members has now changed, as noted in David’s email to all members on June 19.

Club rides are now sanctioned.  However, the ride must comply with existing government social-distancing rules. 

Groups of SIX maximum which must observe 2 metre distancing.  

This means rides are now permitted by the club and as long as you adhere to the rules BC support is  effective, but they do warn that insurance etc will be invalidated by breaches.

The club feels it is still too early to reinstate the general Saturday and Sunday club rides (or Newbies rides) but feel free to use the forum / soc media to organise small groups.

On wearing club kit the position remains the same as it has been all along – if you are following the rules then there is no problem with wearing club kit. Note, that this is not an OK to break the rules and not wear club kit. Don’t break the rules, whatever you’re wearing.

The full BC Covid-19 Guidance plan is here>  https://tinyurl.com/yasujzda

Stay safe / stay small / stay apart!