Club Kit


The Dulwich Paragon club kit is made by Giordana in Italy. It’s comfortable, technical, and long lasting.

All pricing, kit details, contact info and images are available on the RiderHQ Kit Shop.

Club Bidons & 80th Anniversary Musettes

Club bidons are available in 500ml and 800ml sizes directly from club member Pete Owen’s shop Rat Race Cycles in Nunhead for £3.50 each.  He also carries a stock of 80th anniversary musettes.  He’ll sell you a bidon and a musette for £10.

Club Kit

From late July 2016 all club kit, including skinsuits and podium wear, will be stored in a commercial logistics warehouse and administered by Kit Secretary Charlie Codrington (  Orders will now be sent by 1st class post to an address of your choosing.

Order via the Kit Shop on Rider HQ.  You can nominate a delivery address – and once purchased your kit (if in stock) will be delivered within two working days.  There is a blanket charge of £7.50 per order – so it makes sense to buy multiple items.



Q. If I order kit, do I still have to collect it from Cadence?

A. No. Order via the Kit Shop on Rider HQ and your kit will be delivered to your chosen address within two working days (if in stock)

Q. Can I have my order delivered to my work address?

A. Yes.  It can be delivered to any address you choose when you place your order.

Q. Is there a charge for the new kit delivery system?

A. Yes. Each order incurs a post & packaging charge of £7.50, no matter how many items you order.

Q. Can I alter my order once it has been placed?

A. No. You should receive your order within two working days. Return it unused & unopened to the Kit Secretary for a refund.

Q. What happens if my kit doesn’t arrive?

A. All orders will be despatched by 1st class post and you should receive it within two working days if in stock.  If it hasn’t arrived within seven working days, contact the Kit Secretary.

Q. Can I return my kit?

A.  If the kit is unworn and has a manufacturing fault, please contact the Kit Secretary about a replacement.

Q. How do I know what size I am and order correctly?

A. Cadence Performance, 2a Anerley Hill, Crystal Palace has kindly agreed to continue the arrangement whereby members can try on some kit samples we keep there for sizing purposes.   This service is given free to us, so please be patient and courteous with the team at Cadence, especially at busy times.     Whilst you’re there maybe grab a coffee and some cake.   You can check the Giordana Size guide.

Q. Is there any way to buy kit outside of RiderHQ?

A. No.  RiderHQ is the only way for you to purchase kit – and is only available to bona fide DPCC members. BUT watch the forum for sales of unwanted kit from other members.

Q. I don’t like Giordana. I like Rapha/Castelli/Mistina/Bioracer/Madison/Santini/etc. Can we have Rapha/Castelli/Mistina/Bioracer/Madison/Santini/etc club kit?

A. No… at least not right now. Giordana offer a great range for everyday cycling and performance wear, and as a club we are happy with the quality of their kit.  However, assessment of the kit is a continual process and we may look to other manufacturers in the future. You’ll be first to know if we do!

Q. Why is there never any stock? Why does it take so long to get in?

A. The club can only hold around £15k of kit at any one time due to the finances of the club.  Kit has to be purchased via a UK-based distributor (their rule, not ours) which adds a little time to the process, but normally orders take around 8-10 weeks after being placed.  The Italian Summer Shut Down (the whole of August) and the early part of the year when they are producing for the many pro trade teams that use Giordana can add to lead-in times – as can unseen technical issues.  There is little we can, except be understanding and patient.  However Dulwich Paragon turns over a very large 5-figure-sum’s-worth of kit sales each year, which does give us some leverage.

Q. I’m very very big / very very small – will you always carry my size?

A. Unlikely, I’m afraid.   Because of spending limits, we can only carry sizes that fit the majority of the members.  However, do contact the Kit Secretary because we may be able to place special orders for kit outside the ‘normal’ size range.

Q. What about the range of kit in stock?

A. We will be rationalising the range in coming months.  In the past we have carried a very large range, including items like winter gloves, winter overshoes, three-quarter bib shorts which really haven’t sold as well as we’d hoped.  We cannot afford to have large sums of cash tied-up in kit that doesn’t sell, so we will be aiming to streamline. Keep an eye on the club forum for details.

Q. The kit is great and – TBH – one of the reasons I was attracted to Dulwich! Who designs it?

A. We are extremely lucky to have David Rees as a member.  He is a talented designer, who is also the club’s Head of Brand and Image.  All questions and requests regarding use of the club’s image – kit, logo, print, etc – must be directed to David.