Harry Must Trophy

Our club “10” time trial series decides the winner of the Harry Must Trophy.  It runs every year from around April/May until July/August time.  Any club first or second claim member can turn up and ride without any pre-registration, these events are free.  Special TT bikes are not required, in fact it’s a very simple competition, open to everyone.  Weekly results will be published regularly on the club website and a points table will also be updated.  For 2018 the Harry Must starts 12 May on the Sundridge / Polhill course where there are four rounds (every Saturday morning) and switches to the Cudham course in June for a further six rounds on Thursday evenings.  A full calendar is published at the beginning of the season.

You need to know

You just need a bike, any type will do but your fastest machine is obviously preferable.  Knowledge of the course is recommended to avoid missing turns or getting lost (it has happened!), however the course is now marshalled by volunteers from the club so no more missed turns in Harry Must these days!

Wearing a helmet is also recommended, especially pointy ones (you will go faster).  Under 18 must wear a helmet and bring a signed parental consent form.

For reference, the CTT (Time Trialing Governing Body) has a page with few tips for beginners.  Remember that this is a club event, not an Open time trial, some of the descriptions about registration may not apply.

Cudham Course (QS/30)

This is our staple course for the Harry Must.  It’s challenging, starting and finishing on the long drag of Cudham Lane.  The course is a full lap which runs from Cudham Lane (start at the Blacksmith Arms PH car park) via Knockholt, Pratt’s bottom then on the A21 for a mile before retracing back on to Cudham lane until the finish at the Blacksmith Arms car park.  The course is anticlockwise and therefore left turns only. Marshals will be present on key turns (including A21 roundabouts) to indicate directions.  It’s fairly straightforward; watch for the turns on your first ride, only turn left when obvious and if someone is standing with a fluorescent bib.  Watch for cars when going through Knockholt, parking or reversing from private roads.  You must respect the Highway Code at all times; cars will not give way at roundabouts.  The course is normally quiet at around 7.30/8.00pm.

Course Length: 9.3miles (15km)

Meeting Point: Car Park next to Blacksmith Arms Pub, Cudham (see map)


Strava Segment

Sundridge / Polhill Course (G10/38)

Start on Chevening Road (B2211) north of junction with A25, approximately half way between A25 junction and M25 bridge. Proceed north on Chevening Road (B221) to RAB at bottom of Star Hill.
Continue straight over the RAB onto Polhill (A224) continuing to RAB. Take the third exit to Orpington Bypass and continue to RAB. Take first exit onto Wheatsheaf Hill, care on descent.
At T-junction turn left onto Old London Road, take care at junction. Proceed south on Old London Road to RAB. Take third exit onto London Road (A224).
Proceed south on A224, down Polhill to RAB. Proceed straight across to Sundridge Road (B2211). Continue on Sundridge Road (B2211) to finish in dip in road shortly after Chevening Cross.

Course Length: 10 miles (16km)

Meeting Point: Layby at entrance to field on the B2211, just south of where it crosses the M25 (map link).

Strava Segment


Rules for the Harry Must cup will be the same as 2017. We will still use a points system awarded for each event, the winner receiving 10 points, the second 9 points and so on, down to one point for tenth place.

The number of events required to qualify will depend on the number of events held during the series.  Unfortunately, events have been cancelled in the past, due to roadworks on the course.  To qualify you need to ride at least half of all events including one on each course (Cudham and Polhill). There are 10 events are scheduled for 2017, therefore if all events go ahead, 5 events will be required to qualify.  If two events do not go ahead we’ll drop the qualification down to 4 events.

Points are awarded in each category: Men, Women, Juniors.  Ties will be decided by comparing head to head rides on the same events.  Of course, you can turn-up at any event and enjoy a friendly competition, qualifying for the overall points table is not a requirement.

2017 Results

Men’s TT

Name Points Events
JPJ 50 5
Carl Ferri 29 3
Graham Little 18 2
Serge Bouschet 16 2
Sam Crossley 12 2
Martin Headon 9 1
Simon Collins 9 1
Chris O’Hearn 7 1

Women’s TT

Name Points Events
J Lo 50 5
Kathryn Morris 37 4
Nicola Ward 10 1
Lucy Hurn 9 1

Men’s Road Bike

Name Points Events
Neil Pieprzak 45 5
Justin Gillot 44 5
Matt Palmer 36 4
Matt Eglen 20 2
Chris O’Hearn 19 2
David Wadsworth 19 3
Nils Wiebolt 17 2
Tod Jensen 17 2
Shaun Nichol 13 2
Joe Booth 12 2
William Brassington 11 2
Elliot Sharrad 10 1
Oliver Scott 10 1
Simon Collins 10 1
Ollie Williams 9 1
Joel Brassington 9 2
Vlad Mereuta 9 1
Carl Statham 9 1
Geoff D 8 1
Iain Boardman 8 1
Tim Fitzpatrick 7 1
Steve Sorba 6 1
Gwyn Thomas 6 1

Women’s Road Bike

Name Points Events
Jo Sloman 30 3
Jennifer Ramsey 10 1
Kathy Murphy 10 1
Sara Barman 9 1
Ania Fiedorowicz 9 1
Emma Pickering 8 1