Monthly Introductory Ride

Anyone wishing to join the club is welcome to participate in one of our introductory rides held on the first Saturday of each month.   Your first ride with us will be relaxed, informative, inclusive and friendly – and we hope it will inspire you to apply for membership.    We understand that joining a club can be daunting, which is why we introduced these rides in the hope that being with other freshers will calm any pre-ride nerves.   On the day, you’ll be met and welcomed by senior club members then, after a short briefing about the club and a chance for you to ask any questions, you’ll be placed in groups of 10 riders and your Dulwich experience will begin!  The groups leave the velodrome at intervals to avoid bunching and go at varying paces (fastest first, steadiest last)  so whatever the state of your cycling fitness, there will be a suitably-paced group for you.  Nobody gets dropped or left behind.  Take a look at this short video (coming soon!) which will give you a taste of what riding with us is like.   There is no charge for the intro ride but you will need to first sign-up via There are some conditions attached to membership, which will be explained on the day, but once you’ve completed this ride and joined the club, you will be a fully-fledged member of DPCC and be able to participate in all our many cycling-related activities.
The ride takes place ALL YEAR ROUND, regardless of weather conditions!  However extreme weather may mean a change to the route or curtailment of the ride.
Although DPCC is essentially a sporting, competitive club, we welcome riders of all abilities and experience.  However participants should understand and be able to use gears, brakes etc efficiently and be confident riding on the road and in traffic. You will be riding in a group and your behaviour on the bike will affect those around you.   The route is approximately 55 kms with around 620 metres of climbing, but we  stop regularly to regroup and take a breather.   You’ll be out for between 2-3 hours depending on your ability but there is no time cut-off and certainly no judgment – we all started somewhere.   These rides are not a test of any kind; we have had participants in the past who struggled initially then went on to become strong and competitive riders through perseverance and training, so don’t despair if you find it hard at first.  Join the club, come back and keep trying!   The ride ends at Crystal Palace Parade where there are several cafes – Cadence, Cafe Paradou, Cafe St Germain – all of which will welcome you with decent coffee, good cake and hot food.   It’s a great opportunity to get to know your fellow riders a little better and to ask the Dulwich riders any questions about the club and its activities.  One of the non-negotiable conditions of membership is that you must belong to British Cycling at Gold, Silver or Ride level (but not Bronze, for insurance reasons). If you’re not already a BC member then you’ll need to apply after the intro ride, remembering to nominate Dulwich Paragon CC as your club.

Date:  The first Saturday of the month at 09:00.

Meeting Point: Herne Hill Velodrome, Burbage Road, Dulwich. SE24 9HE map.

Length: 55km (approx.).

Groups (Avg. Moving Speed): Racers (28-30 kmph), Fast (26-27 kmph), Intermediate (22-25 kmph) and Steady (21kmph or under).
Sign-Up: Here  Entries close 23:59 the Thursday before the ride.
The Route (may be subject to change):
Refreshments and toilet facilities available in the Exodus Pavilion, but NO parking  for vehicles inside the stadium.

Bike:  Most people ride a road-bike with drop handlebars.  Please ensure: gears are shifting reliably; wheels are straight and true; brakes are effective and tyres in good condition and inflated properly.  If it’s wet please use mudguards – you’ll be in a group and the rider behind will prefer not to be sprayed by your rear wheel.

Clothing: A cycle jersey or jacket with pockets.  Padded shorts or tights. Possibly a rain jacket or warmer layer – this is a year-round ride and temperatures out in the countryside may be significantly lower! Padded mitts or long-finger gloves.  Try to avoid carrying backpacks, heavy locks etc. We strongly advise all riders to wear a suitably-sized and properly adjusted helmet.

Food & drink: At least one water bottle. Two if hot. Hydration is vital to how you feel at the end of this ride – keep drinking, small regular sips, even when the temperature is low.  An energy bar or a banana for a snack mid-ride.

Other items: A bike multi-tool. Two spare inner tubes and tyre levers. Pump. Money for coffee/food at the end of the ride.

You: A desire to ride in a close group,  improve your riding skills and fitness, enjoy the companionship of other riders, participate fully in club life.  Capable of riding 55 kms / 30 miles with several steep hills and only brief stops.

Safety: Carry emergency contact details, with details of any medical conditions/allergies etc.


This includes: obeying traffic lights and signs;  riding no more than two abreast and – when instructed by ride-leaders – riding in single file to allow traffic to pass on narrow roads;  not riding on the footway; not abusing other road users.   Anyone who breaches these rules WILL BE refused membership.  Please acknowledge any courtesy shown to you by other road users and stop at pedestrian crossings where necessary.  We also raise a hand to fellow cyclists.  Riders attend strictly at their own risk!  The club is affiliated to British Cycling and is covered for Public Liability Insurance and you are indemnified against risk whilst participating on an ‘invitation prior to membership’ basis

FOR RACERS: Experienced or budding …

DPCC is keen to welcome riders who are interested in racing for the club.  Beginner, or established racer, male and female, you are welcome to join the Racers’ Introductory Ride Group. Led by least one senior racing member the speed will be 28-30kph over 50 kms (approx.). We aim to ride as a disciplined group, obeying all the rules of the road. It is not a test or a trial and definitely not a race. There will be a chance to ask questions about the pathway to becoming a fully fledged racing member of Dulwich Paragon.  Please scroll to the bottom of the sign-up form to supply us with details of any racing or club experience, BC number, etc..


The club was founded in 1935 by a group of passionate and dedicated cyclists. Dulwich Paragon CC has grown since then and now has over 500 members BUT the passion remains as strong as ever, we love riding our bikes and we are very proud of the fact that DPCC is friendly, inclusive and welcoming to ALL regardless of gender, race, religion and sexual orientation.

Whichever ride you join we want you to relax and enjoy it.  And then become part of what we truly believe is the BEST BIKE CLUB IN BRITAIN!