Monthly Introductory Ride

Anyone wishing to join Dulwich Paragon Cycling Club must first come along to one of our Non-Members’ Introductory Rides. These are held on the 1st Saturday of each month throughout the year and you MUST pre-register (see link below).  At ALL other times our rides are MEMBERS ONLY.  This is non-negotiable.

You may not ride with the club until you have completed this ride and have been accepted for membership.

If your membership is accepted then the annual fee is £30.00. However, you must also be a member of British Cycling at either Gold, Silver or Ride level.   If you plan to get into competitive cycling you will also need a BC Race Licence.  Details of BC membership, etc here   You do not need to be a BC member to do this first ride, however, as you will be covered by the club’s British Cycling affiliation.   BC membership is mandatory, as is the club’s requirement that you volunteer on at least two occasions a year to support the many events, races and competitions the club runs.

To sign-up for the next Non-Members’ Intro Ride please click here.

Although we are happy to welcome newcomers to the club, DPCC is essentially a sporting, competitive club and we assume participants will have some basic ability (i.e. understand and use gears,  brakes, cleated pedals, etc…) be able to ride efficiently and be confident on the road, especially in traffic.  You will be riding in a group and your ability on the bike will affect those around you, hence you have a responsibility not to endanger your fellow riders.  For these reasons this ride is NOT suitable for beginners, and we reserve the right to turn away anyone whose riding does not meet these very basic requirements.   We advise anyone who is uncertain to ride the route (see below) solo a couple of times; if you can complete it in around 2-3 hours then you should be able to manage the official ride.

Rides meet at Herne Hill Velodrome, Burbage Road, Dulwich, London SE24 9HE ( at 0900 and leave at around 0915 following a brief introduction to the club, its aims and ethos, and the etiquette of group-riding.  Depending on numbers the ride will be split into groups and guided by Dulwich Paragon members.   You are welcome to join this ride once, after which you will be expected to apply for membership if you want to ride with us.   Toilet facilities available but NO parking for vehicles inside the stadium.

Our ride-guides are all experienced DPCC members.  Please listen carefully to – and obey! – any instructions they give you.

You will need to be equipped with the following:

– Preferably a road-bike with drop handlebars
– Gears shifting reliably
– Wheels straight and true
– Brakes effective
– Tyres properly inflated (90-100psi for a 23mm-wide road tyre)

– A cycle jersey with pockets (you need quick access to your food, we don’t stop for long).
– Padded shorts or tights.
– A rain jacket if it looks like it might be wet.
– Please no backpacks, heavy locks etc. We travel light!

Food & drink:
– At least one water bottle. Two if it looks like being very hot.
– A couple of energy bars, flapjacks or bananas.

Other items:
– A bike multi-tool
– A spare inner tube or two, and tyre levers
– Pump
– Money for coffee/food at the end

– A fully-charged phone in case of emergencies

– A desire to ride in a close group and to improve your riding skills and fitness (we are a sporting club).
– Capable of riding 30 miles with several steep hills and only brief stops. If you’re not yet comfortable at that distance build up with solo rides before   coming along.
– Capable of fixing a puncture. We’re very helpful and will assist if necessary, but riders should aim to become self sufficient.


– The route will be subject to change but it will be a version of this (55 km and 750 m of climbing):

– The ride will finish in Crystal Palace Parade at approximately 11:30am to 12:30pm, depending on the speed of the group that you join on the day. There are several cafes there: Cadence, Cafe Paradou, Cafe St Germain and a pub (Grape & Grain) where you can join our riders and ask them about the club.


– We strongly advise all riders to wear a suitably-sized and properly-adjusted helmet. You should also carry emergency contact details, with details of any medical conditions/allergies etc.

Legal Bits

ALL RIDERS MUST OBSERVE THE HIGHWAY CODE AT ALL TIMES when riding with Dulwich Paragon. This includes: riding no more than two abreast and riding in single file to allow traffic to pass on narrow roads when instructed, obeying traffic lights and signs, not riding on the footway and not abusing other road users.   Anyone who breaches these rules will be refused membership.

Please acknowledge any courtesy shown to you by other road users and stop at pedestrian crossings where necessary.

Riders attend club rides strictly at their own risk.