Weekly Rides

March 2, 2018
A maelstrom of snow, ice, and freezing winds has descended on our city. At first I thought this was merely the usual portents of my Mother’s impending visit to London, but since she has now cancelled and the weather still shows no sign of abating, perhaps natural causes are to blame after all. Which is all by way of saying, it’s still cold. Wrap up, check the forum for cancellations, take care.
This week’s rides…
Saturday Club Run: As per the email from El Presidente, there will be no non-members’ intro ride this weekend. The normal club run will go ahead for any members brave enough to face the elements. As usual, meet at HHV 0845 for a 0900 start. We split into groups riding at different paces on the day, up to Beddlestead and back.
Sunday Base Ride (NEW MEETING POINT): This week Katia Hadaschik will lead a 23-24kph group on a Windsor loop, starting at HHV (NOT Cadence!) at 0900 and finishing at Putney Pizza, where those who want stop for some food, perhaps a pizza, are more than welcome.

Sunday Club Run (SAME OLD MEETING POINT): This ride WILL meet at Cadence 0900 for a rollout shortly after, but will also be heading Windsor-wards at a brisker pace, led by Steve Sorba.

DPNC (various days): A casual, earlier alternative to the club runs. All  rides meet at Cafe St Germain in Crystal Palace 15 minutes before the start.
Fridays – departs 0900, 25kph, route usually through Knatts Valley.
Saturdays – departs 0830, slightly faster pace, route decided on the day. Sundays – departs 0900, 25kph, route decided on the day.
Due to weather, it may be an idea to look at the DPNC discussion group here before setting off.
Wednesday Chaingang: I very much suspect that no-one decided that a chain gang this last Wednesday was anything remotely approaching a good idea, but perhaps this coming Wednesday will finally be the first. Meet at 7pm at Elmer’s End Trianglabout for some through-and-off.
Riders split into groups so hopefully no-one gets dropped, but the prevailing ethos can be a little more Darwinian than your average club ride.
Happy riding,