Weekly Rides

Update Apr 20
Perhaps the committee have been a bit too enthusiastic with the ritual human sacrifice this year, as we seem to have gone from winter to spring to summer in about a fortnight. But no matter, just add a fresh Bic razor and a tube of suncream to your Boots Meal Deal this lunchtime, and you’re all set for a Saturday or Sunday of pedalling paradise.
This week’s rides…
Ride to the Seaside (Saturday): Michael Sanders is leading a base pace (23-24kph) ride all the way to Whitstable for fish & chips then a train back into town. Meet at Cadence 0815 for an 0830 departure. Download the GPXhere.
Saturday Club Run: Meet at HHV 0845 for a 0900 start. We split into different groups, fastest off first, and head off up to Beddlestead and back via Tatsfield and Cudham.
Sunday Club Run: Meet at Cadence 0900 for a rollout shortly after. We have 2 routes this weekend…
Hans Van Den Berk will lead the base ride group on a “make hay while the sun shines” 117km route through Lingfield and back via Knatts Valley (short cuts home may be possible for those pushed for time). Route here, GPX here.
Steve Sorba’s faster ride will head to Coldharbour Lane (not the Brixton one) then back over Box Hill and home. Route here, GPX here.
DPNC (various days): A casual, earlier alternative to the club runs. All  rides meet at Cafe St Germain in Crystal Palace 15 minutes before the start.
Fridays – departs 0900, 25kph, route usually through Knatts Valley.
Saturdays – departs 0830, slightly faster pace, route decided on the day. Sundays – departs 0830, 25kph, route decided on the day.
Wednesday Chaingang:
1. Intermediate Group: departs Cadence 1850 or Elmer’s End at 1900-1905. It’s aimed at riders new to chaingang, or more experienced racers who want a steadier session. It’s by no means slow, but the emphasis is very firmly on co-operation.
2. Fast Group: meets Elmer’s End 1900 and leaves a few minutes after the intermediate group. Aimed at racers looking for a hard workout while honing race skills, the prevailing ethos can be a little more Darwinian so make sure you know your way back.
With the change in seasons, we’ll now be following the summer route.This is the best I could find on Strava – please shout if you have a better one.
Happy riding,