Renewing your Dulwich Paragon membership is an easy, 2-step process.

1. Renew with British Cycling 

At Ride, Race Silver or Race Gold level, nominating Dulwich Paragon CC on the form. Bronze level is NOT acceptable.  ALL members of DPCC MUST be British Cycling members, regardless of any other cycling-related memberships (eg: National Tri. CTC, LCC etc)  This is for insurance purposes and to emphasise DP’s ethos as sporting, competitive cycling club.


2.  Renew with Dulwich Paragon

When British Cycling have confirmed renewal of your membership, click on the link below to re-join Dulwich Paragon via the Rider HQ website.

Please take care to fill in all details accurately (DoB, BC number, contact numbers, etc) and make sure the name(s) you enter on the sign-up page is(are) IDENTICAL to those on your BC membership.

At this point you will asked to confirm that you agree to help (volunteer) with at least two club promotions each year. This is a NON-NEGOTIABLE REQUIREMENT FOR ALL MEMBERS.  If you have not satisfactorily fulfilled this obligation in the past then your membership MAY NOT BE APPROVED.   If you cannot satisfactorily fulfil this obligation your membership MAY BE CANCELLED.  

If approved you will now be able to join all club-related rides, events and activities.

Renew my Dulwich Paragon membership on RiderHQ

Dulwich Paragon membership lasts for 12 months from the date of joining.


Managing your membership

After you become a member you can manage your DPCC membership on Rider HQ by logging into your account, selecting Details by clicking on the ‘down-arrow’ next to Actions, which is next to ‘Dulwich Paragon CC’ Membership, then clicking ‘Edit Membership Details’.

If you are unable to attend the original volunteering options that you selected when joining the club or renewing your membership, or you completed another volunteering activity, then you can change or add it on this page.

You can also use this page to change your personal details or to cancel your membership should you need to do so.

Please note that there are no refunds.


If you have any questions please send an email to