Riding with Dulwich Paragon

At Dulwich Paragon, we ride because it’s fun. And if it’s not fun, well then you’re doing it wrong.

We ride fast and we ride slow. On road and off. We ride miles and miles or just to the cafe and back. We ride to toughen our calves and to enrich our souls. We discover new country lanes and occasionally obliterate personal bests. We ride anywhere from South London to Sri Lanka. But most of all we ride together – dressed very smartly in our dashing blue kit.

Although we sometimes ride hard, we’re always sociable and we always look after each other – it’s only the fastest of racers’ chaingangs where riders get dropped; all our other rides will regroup where necessary to keep everyone together.

We run regular weekly rides as well as one-offs like the Dunwich Daylight, which allows members to experience the Dunwich Dynamo while actually seeing the scenery, and various Bank Holiday trips to the coast for ice cream. Not to mention the famed Ride Of The Falling Leaves.

Ride Rules

All riders should carry emergency contact details, with details of any medical conditions/allergies etc if appropriate. Your British Cycling card should also be carried as proof of membership.

All riders must observe the highway code at all times when riding with Dulwich Paragon. This includes: riding no more than two abreast and riding in single file to allow traffic to pass on narrow roads, obeying traffic lights and signs, not riding on the footway and not abusing other road users. Anyone who breaches these rules will be refused membership or may have their membership terminated.

Please acknowledge any courtesy shown to you by other road users and stop at pedestrian crossings where necessary. Rides go out into rural Kent and Surrey where we often encounter horses on the road. When passing from behind slow down, making sure your fellow riders are aware of this, and alert the rider (and the animal) that a group of cyclists is about to pass. When approaching from the front, slow down and be prepared to stop if the horse seems agitated.

Riders attend club rides strictly at their own risk.