RotFL 2020

Owing to the latest Covid-19 rule changes (the ‘rule of 6’) we have decided to make this year’s Ride of the Falling Leaves not just members-only but also virtual. Here’s how this will work.

Virtual sportives have been growing in popularity this year as they allow flexible participation without any large gatherings. The principle is that you ride a set route any time you like between certain dates; you declare the time you took and this is published on-line. Here is how this will work for the Dulwich Paragon’s members-only Ride of the Falling Leaves.

The routes will consist of the classic long and short routes (70km/105km), with minor adaptations to account for this year’s feed stop, some control points and any road works, etc.

The window within which you can do your ride is any day and any time between Thursday 1st October and Monday 19th October.

You will need to register for the ride on RiderHQ which will be free. The registration of interest form is here . Please register at least 2 days before you intend to do your ride. Your club membership must be up to date for the form to work.

You will be asked to nominate the date and approximate time you plan to do the ride and the time you hope to set. In response to registration (please allow 24-48 hours) you will receive an email with: route GPX files, instructions on how to check in at control points, details on the free feed stop. Your name, your preferred start time / date and the time you hope to set will be displayed on this page so that others can combine to form groups of up to 6. Potential groups will be coordinated behind the scenes to ensure adherence to current Covid regs so please be understanding if we ask you to change to a different start time.

Once you have done your ride you can declare your time for display on this page. The declaration must be supported with evidence, which can be any of the following:

  • Scan of QR codes at the control points
  • Selfies at the control points
  • A GPX file that has logged the ride
  • A link to your ride in Strava or any similar platform
  • Anything else you can think of that’s reasonable!

Please note that all stoppage time is to be disregarded. This is so that you can relax over traffic lights, enjoy the free feed stop, allow any other riders to pass safely and generally have a great day out with no stress.