Time Trials

Time trials are the best test of exactly how fast you are. No drafting allowed, it’s just you against the clock. Riders set off at one minute intervals over courses that vary from short but steep hill climbs to 24hr long endurance races. It’s also a crucial discipline to master if you plan on doing some stage races in the south-east as there is always a time trial involved and sometimes two if you include the prologue.

Our club 10 mile time trial is for the Harry Must Trophy which goes to the fastest rider over 5 races. We use the Cudham circuit which is slightly under 10 miles but has quite a long drag up towards Cudham for the last third of the course.  In addition to Cudham, over the last few years we have also used other courses such as Bletchingley  and Polhill.

We also hold a Club hill climb each October for the Cobb trophy.

You don’t need a special time trial bike to get started, most people just use their road bike – sometimes with clip-on aero bars, which are a relatively cheap way (compared to buying a special time trial bike) of getting yourself into a more aerodynamic tuck position. The club 10s are also great way of seeing how your form is improving through the season. The beauty of time trials is it’s not just about competing against each other, rather it’s about competing against your own personal best. Time trials always hurt, and if they don’t you’re probably taking it too easy, but there is nothing like seeing your times improving beyond what you may ever have thought possible after your first lung bursting attempt.

CTT (Cycling Time Trials)

Many clubs and cycling associations organise open time trials throughout the year (mostly on weekends) for and on behalf of CTT.  As the club is affiliated to CTT, our members are able to enter the majority of open events. You’ll find a much wider age range at a time trial than at a road race as riders are graded by age meaning all ages can be involved in the top results. The events list on the CTT website shows all the available events, nationally there are hundreds to choose from, but you can filter by month, race distance and by district (Q is Kent, G is Surrey/Sussex, H is Hampshire/Berkshire). Time trial courses are given obscure codes that are a hangover from when racing bikes in Britain was illegal, but remain as a succinct means of identifying a course.  Like a postcode, an internet search for a course code will usually return a map of the course.  The races themselves are friendly affairs and the time trial community does have a feeling of being part of an old subculture. If you want to enter an open time trial you must do it at least ten days in advance as start lists are emailled (sometimes posted) back to you with your start time. The CTT website events list will give you the closing date for entries. Entry fees are usually £8-10 for an open event, and you do not need any licence.  Internet entry is available for many events via the CTT website: www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk, although a minority of events still require a cheque and paper entry form to be posted to the organiser.

See the current club records.

There are various awards up for grabs.

And here’s a list of notable events on the 2018 calendar.

For more information about time trials please email: timetrials@dulwichparagon.com