TT Awards

Club time trial champion

Awarded to the best all-rounder, over 10, 25 & 50 miles for men; and, 10 & 25 miles for women and under 18s. To qualify you have to ride all qualifying distances before 31st October. Over 40s also qualify for a separate prize, which is based on their performances at the same distances relative to the Veteran Time Trial Association (VTTA) age standards.


Standard distance champions

10-mile and 25-mile

Awarded to the fastest person at the designated club championship events, see the calendar thread for more details about this year’s designated championship events.

50-mile and 100-mile

Awarded to the person with the fastest time at the particular distance achieved at any event.


Club evening time trial series champion (aka the Harry Must)

Points are awarded for the result of each evening club time trial, with 10pts for the winner down to 1pt for ninth and below.  There are usually about ten club time trials scheduled, your best five scores count (i.e. maximum score of 50pts).


Hill climb champion

Awarded to the fastest at the club hill climb.


Freewheel champion

Awarded to the person who travels furthest (without pedalling!).

Please note that not all the above competitions come with a club trophy.


National competitions

There are National Championships for all standard distances from 10 miles to 24 hours.

British Best All-Rounder (BBAR) is a season-long competition that has been running for decades. For men, this requires completion of 50-mile, 100-mile and 12-hour events, if your average* speed over the three events is over 22mph you qualify for a certificate – Alex Kirk completed this in 2014 and became the first Dulwich Paragon member to be awarded a BBAR certificate since the 1960s, when John Greatwood was close to being overall winner on a number of occasions. For women, the qualification distances are 25-mile, 50-mile and 100-mile, with certificates awarded to anyone with an average* speed above 20mph. *Average is calculated such to give equally weighting to all three results and not be skewed by the longer events.

GHS, is the 10-mile national championship for under 17s. Previous winners include Chris Boardman, Ian Stannard and Alex Dowsett.

More information about the above and other national championships can be found here


VTTA competitions

The VTTA (for over 40s) has a variety of standard distance and best all-rounder competitions for its members. All VTTA competitions are judged relative to age standards in an attempt to create fair competition between people in their 40s with people in their 60s, for example. See here for more details.

The VTTA also run a number of VTTA-only events, including some on the fast Tring 10-mile course (F11/10), which is often oversubscribed and difficult to qualify for. Membership costs little more than an entry fee so it worth doing if you are over 40.


SPOCO South East

The Sporting courses Points Competition has been going for thirty years and is intended as an alternative to flat course, standard-distance time trialling. Events selected tend to be rural and have very low traffic levels. Road bikes can be very competitive overall, and those who ride road races will be familiar with some of the courses used. See here for more details.


London Women’s Racing (LWR)

Dulwich plays a leading role in the LWR and many DP women are registered.  The LWR has a TT series as part of its calendar.  Check with the LWR website for further details.