Tues/Thurs Chaingangs

Tuesday and Thursday evening chaingangs are still going strong – catch one if you can.

Meet 7:00pm (7:15 departure) at  Elmer’s End roundabout in front of the Skoda garage.  Note that these rides are quite quick, and used by both our riders and other clubs’ riders for some fairly serious training.

The custom is to do a few laps around Badgers Mount roundabout to let dropped riders catch up from Polhill and the group also waits at the lights at Farnborough on the return leg for a minute or two but that’s it as far as waiting goes. On the summer route the chaingang also waits for a minute or two at the top of Layhams Lane.

If you are new to group riding, and the etiquette of chaingangs, echelons, and riding ‘through and off’ then please chat to other riders before the start, especially anyone in a Dulwich jersey.  The group can often appear quite intimidating, as many participants are quite focussed on getting some good training out of it, but if they are aware that this is something you are not completely familiar with, they will gladly give you all the pointers you need.

We are currently using the summer route. The summer chaingang route for Tuesdays and Thursdays is on Strava. This ride aims at a 21-22mph average speed.