About Us

Dulwich Paragon was formed in 1935 to help those rendered unemployed by the Great Depression remain fit and active, converting a disused Dulwich stable to act as a club house, and heading out in groups in woolen jerseys on steel frames from the Dulwich Park fountain into Kent and Surrey.

Decades on, lycra and carbon have (mostly) replaced wool and steel, the stable is probably now a homewares boutique, and the local velodrome and the cafes of Crystal Palace have supplanted the fountain as meeting points of choice – but the fundamental, core club activity of riding into Kent and Surrey remains the same.

Our past is alive in so many ways – not least in our great racer of the 1940s, Wally Gimber, who is immortalised in the National B road race we organise each year, the winner receiving the trophy bearing his name. But from these roots, we have grown into a truly twenty-first century cycling club – inclusive, welcoming, multi-disciplined, and ready to adapt when times change.

That’s the short version – there’s a whole lot more about us on this site. You can find out more about our rides here, more about racing with us here, and our diversity & inclusion statement is here. There are no shortage of reasons to join, and if you’re convinced, you can become a member right here.