Club Kit

Widely regarded as the best kit in the region, we’re proud to offer members two ranges of top quality cycling clothing designed by clubman Dave Rees. The ‘Club’ range is affordable and hardwearing kit for everyday riding and training, whilst the ‘Race’ range’s hi-tech fabric and aero cut helps those competing in all disciplines achieve greatness.

Standard “Club” Kit

The Club range offers a short-sleeved jersey and bib shorts in sizes XXL to XS from Giordana. You can order Club Kit from our shop on Rider HQ – if in stock, orders are delivered by registered post within 7 days. Please check sizing here before ordering.

“Race” Kit

We have teamed up with Nopinz to offer members an extensive range of discipline specific clothing, from Skinsuit to leggings with pretty much everything in between.

How to order Race Kit:
1. Log on to the Dulwich Paragon Nopinz club shop
2. You’ll need the password from the forum page here
3. Follow the instructions

Orders generally take 28 days to be made and despatched to you – Nopinz will keep you informed of progress by email and send you tracking info when the order is despatched.

Remember the kit you order is a bespoke masterpiece and cannot be returned if you change your mind or order the wrong size (don’t worry, you’ll probably find a buyer on the forum!). Check the Nopinz sizing chart and /or talk to them directly, they do have a size sampling service.

Any questions regarding the Race kit, delivery, returns policy, sizing etc needs to be directed to Nopinz – Dulwich Paragon is not responsible for your order.

Crash Replacement

This is a discretionary crash replacement award targeted to help racers who have trashed their kit in an accident during a race. There’s a straightforward eligibility criterion and is not discipline specific – but varies depending whether you have Race kit or Club kit.

Race kit

We have done a deal with Nopinz who will offer club members a 40% discount on replacement garments if damaged during a race. There are few conditions, the damage must have occurred during a race (excludes sportives and organised rides – sorry), the garment purchased from Nopinz within the previous 12 months and have been in reasonable condition.

To claim, contact Nopinz directly.

Club kit

This is funded by the club and has the same criteria as the Nopinz replacement service – ie a 40% discount on replacement clothing.

To claim you need to contact the Kit Secretary (

General Questions

Are there sizing charts?
The Club kit sizing chart is here, and as Race kit is a bespoke service you are strongly recommended to call Nopinz directly to discuss your potential order before you place it.

Why is there no women’s specific Jersey in the Club Kit range?
The Club Kit jersey is not gender specific and will fit both men and women equally well.

What’s the difference between Race and Club kit?
Both are high quality ranges of cycling clothing, the ‘Race’ kit has a more aero or figure-hugging fit using modern technical fabrics and is a primarily designed for determined racers. ‘Club’ kit is a good all round training and club ride kit with a more generous cut, it’s not only more affordable but also more durable than the ‘Race Kit’.

Do I have to race in Dulwich kit?
If you are racing in any event run under British Cycling rules you ought to wear a club jersey at the very least from either the Race or the Club ranges

Can I mix Club and Race kit?
No, it will cause a quantum singularity and the universe will collapse. Yes of course you can, both are made to the same graphic design.

The kit’s arrived and it doesn’t fit – can I return it?
You can return Club kit – email the Kit Sec ( for details of how to return. However note that it is not cost-free to the club and takes up a lot of unpaid time. So please, check the sizing chart carefully before buying, and consider selling it on to a fellow member instead if you can.
Race kit is a bespoke garment and cannot be returned if it does not fit, you may however be able to sell it on via the club forum. In the first instance talk to Nopinz, they may be able to help.

I’ve ordered my kit and it hasn’t arrived
If you have ordered Race kit call Nopinz directly, if you have ordered Club kit email the Kit Secretary 10 days after order.

I’m racing tomorrow – can I pick up some kit in London?
No – be prepared! However if you are racing a local event it’s highly unlikely you’ll be challenged for wearing non-club kit.