Ride Restrictions Eased – Update April 15

Enjoying the view at Ide Hill

As we enter whatever phase this is, restrictions on rides have been eased and the club committee has agreed that the size of rides can increase in line with government rules and British Cycling guidance.

Saturday ride groups and new member intro rides will increase to 8 (after the weekend of Sat 17/4 which has already been organised in groups of 6). Registration will still take place through Rider HQ. It was felt that 8 was a good number for managing these rides and the registration process ensured appropriate groups were formed.

However other club rides are now permitted up to the limit of 15 riders, although use common sense – even pre-COVID we didn’t encourage groups of more than 10-12 and in some cases, such as off-road riding on narrow paths, smaller groups may still be appropriate.

This includes all club rides such as Sunday rides, chain-gang, Dawn Raids, social rides etc. Rides must still be organised and COVID-secure. Organised means they have to be planned in advance with known participants who can be traced in the event of it being necessary. This can be via the Forum, WhatsApp or RiderHQ.

And bear in mind that social distancing rules still apply so for example off the bike groups larger than 6 are still not permitted, so avoid congregating in large numbers.

The British Cycling guidelines are here for reference.