How To Join

Joining Dulwich Paragon is a really simple three-step process:

  1. Join one of our monthly introductory rides
  2. Get insured
  3. Sign up and pay on RiderHQ

Read on for more detail on exactly what you need to do. Any questions, simply email

Introductory Rides 

We believe it is important that you have a good understanding of the nature of the club and what we offer before deciding whether to join. And the best way to get this is to join one of our introductory rides – usually held on the first Saturday of each month – when you’ll have the opportunity to speak to a few of our friendly members. Nobody gets left behind on these (or any of our regular) rides, but if you’re particularly nervous about the distance, then you may want to check out our Commute to Club programme instead.

It is definitely not a test – no-one will be assessing your fitness or ability, we will simply be enjoying the ride together! Everyone is welcome – we are particularly keen to encourage more women and more people of Black, Asian and other ethnic minority backgrounds to join us.

More details about the intro ride here.

We know that the timing can make it hard for some committed people to access the club. If so, get in touch and we will try to arrange an alternative for you. Similarly, if you are sure that you want to join and you have some experience of group riding (e.g. with another club) we will consider applications without an intro ride. If you want to discuss taking either approach email

Insurance and Legal Support

It is mandatory for all members to have suitable third-party liability insurance and legal support in place, to provide cover and reassurance to other members in the event of any incidents on the road.

Many of our members are also members of British Cycling, as this both provides third-party insurance and optional access to a race licence that is usually required in order to race road, track, cyclocross, and other disciplines. Note that there are now 3 levels of membership, and only “member” or “premium” will provide the third-party insurance we require. If you wish to race you can add on a race license to either of those options for an additional fee.

If you decide to join British Cycling, please add Dulwich Paragon as your club and add your BC membership number to your club details on RiderHQ. As well as British Cycling, a number of organisations provide insurance as a member benefit, for example Cycling UK and the London Cycling Campaign. You can also get cover from commercial providers. 

Joining the club

Once you have completed the introductory ride you can join the club here:

Join Dulwich Paragon on RiderHQ

Please ensure that you select the correct membership type and take care to fill in all details accurately (date of birth, contact numbers, etc,). If you are a member of British Cycling include your BC membership number.

At this point you will asked to confirm that you agree to help (volunteer) with at least two club events each year. More information about volunteering.

Once your application has been confirmed you will receive an email from RiderHQ with a link to pay the annual subscription. Your membership will not be activated until you complete this payment. From that point you will be able to join all club-related rides, events and activities.

Dulwich Paragon membership lasts for 12 months from the date of joining – you will be emailed a renewal reminder.


Our annual membership fee is £30 (£10 for youths / young-adults)