Renew your membership

Dulwich Paragon membership lasts for 12 months from the date of joining or last renewal. Members will be alerted by automated email 22 days before the end their annual membership and reminded to renew.  If you do not renew you will then receive a notification one month after your membership expires, informing you that you are not a member and giving a link for renewal.

Renewed memberships will take effect from the preceding expiry date, which may be back-dated if there has been a gap.

You can renew and manage your DPCC membership on Rider HQ by logging into your account, selecting Details by clicking on the ‘down-arrow’ next to Actions, which is next to ‘Dulwich Paragon CC’ Membership.

Use the ‘Edit Membership Details’ page to change any personal details or to cancel your membership should you need to do so. Please note that there are no refunds if you cancel.

When you select Renew will be taken to the membership form page, pre-filled with your membership details to check. From here you will be directed to the checkout to pay the annual subscription for the year ahead.

Please check that any insurance cover and legal support you have is also still valid.

 If you have any questions please email

Friends of Dulwich Paragon

We have created a new membership category for people who are no longer able to ride with us but want to keep in touch, called “Friend of Dulwich Paragon”.

This is aimed at people who have at some time been full or second claim members but can no longer ride with us, e.g. those who move away from London or can no longer manage club rides for health / age / fitness / family reasons.

The annual subscription is only £10, allowing people to continue to support the work the club does in the SE London cycling community. 

Benefits of friends membership are:

  • Inclusion in Rides Roundup and other all-member emails
  • Access to the members sections of the forum
  • Ability to attend social events

Friends will not be able to:

  • Join rides or coached activities (other than as occasional guests if visiting London)
  • Hold any official position within the club
  • Vote at any club meetings
  • Take an award in a club event

Friends will not be required to volunteer for the club but would be welcome to do so.

Apply to join here.