Saturday Club Ride

This MEMBERS ONLY ride meets at HERNE HILL VELODROME, Burbage Road, Dulwich SE24 9HE ( every Saturday throughout the year whatever the weather. Please arrive by 0845 for a roll-out at 0900. Toilet facilities available but NO parking for vehicles inside the stadium. Ride-guides will organise groups going out at fast, medium and easy pace over a route of 55 kms (34 miles).  The ride takes 2–3 hours and ends at Crystal Palace Parade, where there are several cafes for the post-ride cake and coffee. The club is proud of its reputation as friendly and inclusive. We have a thriving women’s section and there will be usually be a large female contingent on any Saturday Ride.

Anyone wishing to join Dulwich Paragon must first come along to one of our monthly introductory rides (1st Saturday of the month – at all other times it is members-only)   Please note you may not ride with the club until you have completed this ride.


Because we regularly have 100+ riders we sometimes alternate the direction of the ride, group by group, to ease the impact of so many cyclists on Saturday morning traffic and we encourage our Ride Guides to find new routes to keep the rides interesting and fresh.

The basic route

We try to ensure no-one gets dropped, lost or abandoned with mechanical problems. Someone will usually stop and help – or at least make sure you have the right tools/expertise to get yourself moving again. There are several rest and/or regroup points on the route. If you find yourself in a group that is too quick for you, inform your ride-guide and wait at the next rest point for the following group. If you are new to riding in a group then please have a look at our getting started page here for some basic guidance on riding in a large group.

Under-18’s are welcome to ride with us but must either be accompanied by an appropriate adult, or bring a completed and signed parental consent form.


Please ensure your bike is in roadworthy condition and bring at least two inner tubes, pump, drink, food and suitable clothing for the weather conditions.  Money and a mobile may also be useful.  We strongly advise ALL riders to wear a suitably-sized and adjusted helmet.

ALL riders should carry emergency contact details, with details of any medical conditions/allergies etc if appropriate.

Your British Cycling card should also be carried as proof of membership.

Legal Bits

  • ALL RIDERS MUST OBSERVE THE HIGHWAY CODE AT ALL TIMES when riding with Dulwich Paragon.  This includes: riding no more than two abreast and riding in single file to allow traffic to pass on narrow roads, obeying traffic lights and signs, not riding on the footway and not abusing other road users.    Anyone who breaches these rules will be refused membership or may have their membership terminated.
  • Please acknowledge any courtesy shown to you by other road users and stop at pedestrian crossings where necessary. Rides go out into rural Kent and Surrey where we often encounter horses on the road. When passing from behind slow down, making sure your fellow riders are aware of this, and alert the rider (and the animal) that a group of cyclists is about pass. When approaching from the front, slow down and be prepared to stop if the horse seems agitated.
  • Riders attend club rides strictly at their own risk.