Masters Racing

If you have a BC licence there are usually no age restrictions and you can enter events for your licence category. However, if you are a veteran – over 40 years of age – you can also enter events run by British Masters Cycle Racing (formerly the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists).

Riders are categorised into 5-year age bands. Riders aged 40–45 are category A, 45–50 B, etc. and races are open to male and female riders. Events are run across the country with the south east (Region 9) organising more than most. There is also a regional Green Jersey series based on points for places in designated events through the season.

The rules of racing are broadly the same as events organised through BC but placings in BMCR events do not qualify for BC licence points. You will need an BMCR licence (£20 for the year) and entry fees for events are around £10 entry in advance. A handbook is published at the start of each season and results and information are available from the website.

Although all competitors are veterans the racing is still very competitive with some riders holding first category BC licences. There are national and regional championships and for the successful and ambitious there is the annual UCI world masters championships.

If you want to find out more about BMCR go to or contact Patrick Hawkins.