Women’s Riding

Dulwich Paragon are proud to have a very active successful and friendly women’s cycling scene.  Our members take part in various cycling disciplines, be it road racing, time trials, track cycling, cyclocross/mtb or cyclosportives.  We, the women of Dulwich Paragon, are also informally known as Paragonettes!

Of course, it’s not always about racing – granted we are a competitive club. Indeed many of our women members are happy to just ride the club runs and come to our many social meetings. In addition to the club’s general mixed training sessions and rides, we also hold women only sessions and rides.

Contacts for some categories are listed below but for general enquiries about women’s riding and events you can email the Women’s Secretary Esther Drabkin-Reiter .

Road Racing/Criterium Racing

Dulwich Paragon women are represented at local level in the London Women’s Racing Leagues, the Surrey League that promotes many women-only races, as well as SERRL (South East Road Racing League).  Not to mention the many crit series throughout the week and the weekend all through the year available in London and the South East.

Please contact Olivia Campbell for all cat 2 and above queries and Rebecca Williams for all 3/4 cat queries.


Track Racing

With Herne Hill right around the corner, many Dulwich Paragon women have taken to the track.  There are a great series of training sessions for women and races throughout the season.  The women’s track league is heavily supported by Dulwich women and there are races every month held at www.hernehillvelodrome.com.

Please contact the track secretary Steve Sorba for all women’s track queries.

Time Trials

These traditionally underground races against time are readily accessible once you know where and when and how to sign up!  We even have our own club time trial series to partake in (See [link: Time Trial section] for more info) as well as chosen yearly championship time trials. A good amount of our members have also signed up to the new South East Women’s Time Trial League (or follow @sewtts on twitter).

Please contact Kathryn Morris for all women’s TT queries.


The 2015/16 season was a turning point for Dulwich women racing cross, with many more taking part in training and racing than ever before.  There are many cyclocross races in our area and bar the national level races, are very welcoming to beginners. See the Cyclocross page for more info. Dulwich most actively targets the London X League which runs from September to February each season, along with supporting the shorter Summer cyclocross league.

We have a few women racing MTB who tend to do very well, and we are always looking for more. There is training available and a solid racing calendar.

Please contact Beth Hodge for all women’s Cyclocross or MTB queries.

Women Only Social Rides

We organise women only social rides on the second Sunday every other month.  The routes will vary as will the meeting location to suit the destination.  Keep an eye on the form and twitter @Paragonette for updates on the next ride.

Please contact Libby Gordon for all social ride queries.

Women Only Chain Gang

As well as the general club chain gang sessions, there is a women only chain gang on Wednesday evenings at Regent’s Park.  The focus on these sessions is to improve group riding skills and fitness by riding together and doing speed work/ intervals.  Keep an eye on twitter@Paragonette for updates.

For more information on women’s racing, you may also wish to join the London Women’s Cycle Racing Facebook Group for more information about women’s races in our areaand for track training sessions at Herne Hill in particular. Follow us on twitter @Paragonette as well as@DulwichParagon

Newcomers are welcome to join our growing contingent of Paragonettes!  Non-members (women and men alike! ) are encouraged to attend our induction Saturday ride on the first Saturday of every month before joining the club. Riders are put into a group according to ability and introduced to our Saturday ride club route.  Once they are members there are a number of additional rides to do. Saturday rides are the flagship rides where there is always a sweeper group so no one gets dropped but there are of course also longer rides on Saturday and Sunday, base training rides or weeknight chain gangs and training sessions.

For more info feel free to contact the women’s captain Beth Hodge or speak to any of the active women members of the club.  Certainly if you are interested in racing with the Dulwich Paragon ladies, be sure to drop a line to Beth so she can forward on any pertinent information about training sessions or upcoming races that other team mates are doing.